Week Two!

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Crazy! My second week of being a missionary and I’m already about to leave the MTC! I’m so thankful for my opportunity to be here and serve the Lord!

So let me try to remember all the many things that happened this week! (:
Something very tragic happened Wednesday night. A Sister in my district who I love oh so much! Had gotten a call and found out she had a family member pass away. She had 2 of the Elders give her a blessing and when they came back we didn’t know what was going on. But they shut the door and said we needed to have a prayer for Sister Greeley. They explained why and without hesitation we all knelt down in a circle in our classroom and said a prayer for her and her family. Our teacher had walked in on us and was in shock. She explained after that she had never walked in on something like that and was very moved. She thanked us for being the missionaries we were.
Wednesday was also the day we received NEW MISSIONARIES!! (: It was so great seeing all the new missionaries with the orange dots on their name tags. Sadly I know exactly how they all felt. (: But that night as my companion, Sister Zackrison and I were called as the Sister Training Leaders, we got to give the new district in our Branch orientation! We go to know them and explained rules and encouraged them to follow all of them and we asked if they had any questions. We then go to give them a tour of the MTC campus! It was so much fun and even though the Sisters were probably all older or the same age as me, they just seem so young and new! They even admitted that it seemed like we were much older and wiser and we seemed like we had been here for weeks! We told them it will feel like that haha. I can only imagine how the Elders were feeling with the Zone leaders… 😛
Thursday was a regular sit in class all day type of day. (: I don’t remember much about it but hey it was an average day. Because we literally sit in class ALL DAY!
Friday I don’t remember much either… Your days seem to blend together. I do know that we pulled a prank on some sisters in our zone. It was so funny! We told them there was a weird breeze in our room and they had to walk right next to the bed to feel it. (Most of you probably already know what is going to happen) One sister, Sister Neufville is so cute and she did it. My companion, Sister Zackrison was hiding under the bed and reached our and grabbed Sister Neufville’s leg. It was so great! Sister Neufville screamed and ran to the corner of the room. She said we got her good. We then tried to do it another sister, Sister Downs but she anticipated the prank and said “No way, I’m not that stupid” And bent down to look under the bed. It was still funny how she freaked out and knew what was gunna happen. (:
Saturday again average day….
Sunday! Woot good stuff. In the morning right away we had branch meeting for all the leadership missionaries. Then thank goodness we go to eat breakfast. Our first and last regular Sunday in the MTC. The sisters went to a recording of Music of the Spoken Word and right after we had Relief Society. After Relief Society we had to go back to our classroom for our district meeting. We were told what to pack and how to pack and what to expect at airports and safety things. Just kinda a normal flight procedure thing. After we had lunch and then went to Sacrament meeting. It was very interesting and a lot different then what I’m used too. We had to use gluten free bread because there is a sister in our branch who is allergic, surprisingly it was weird in a good way. Which I find odd cause I don’t like bread to begin with ha. But then we had to figure out the speakers! Hehe I almost wanted to speak, it was weird. But my beautiful Companion got chosen to speak along with another Elder. Then the 2nd Councilor in the branch got up and spoke. It was very good. After Sacrament meeting we had Dinner and took our temple walk. (: We had to take more pictures because there was an Elder who somehow got all his pictures deleted off his camera. Anyways…it was FREEZING! It wanted to rain but wasn’t getting there yet. The wind had picked up and man it was a piercing cold wind. But anyways it was a good and fun day! (:
Monday, today! We are acting like it’s a P day because we leave tomorrow. ): But so far it has been good! Ha. Doing laundry and then we get to go start packing! Sad. But yea!
If you would  like to send me letters or packages please send them to the mission home in Alabama don’t send them to the MTC any more. After I receive where my fist area is I will tell my mom the address and she will post it on my Facebook page. (: Hope to hear from you all soon!
Lots of love!
Sister Drummond

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