Alabama Bound

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Hi ya’ll!
You have no idea how many times people say ya’ll! I love it! (:
Well to start out, my first area is Hoover, Alabama. I love it! And Alabama is very green with trees EVERYWHERE!!! It’s so great, but at the same time it’s kinda frustrating cause you get lost a lot easier. My companion is Sister Carlson who is from Provo, Utah and has been here since June. She is so great and I love her already. The ward that I’m serving in is a lot bigger than I was expecting, but that’s great! (: The members are all so kind and I’ve already eaten with three families.
So now let’s go through my my week.
Tuesday: I woke up at 2:30 AM and got ready to leave for the airport. It was cold! But I lasted. Everyone who was serving in Alabama had a change of plans and got to ride the tracks up to the airport instead of riding a bus all the way up. I kinda wished that we were on a bus, but that’s okay past and done. (: When we got to the airport I got to call my family and boy, did that sure make me cry, but it was so great to hear their voices and I sure do miss them but I know what I’m supposed to be doing. So we finally got to take off! It was fun but I was also very tired. I slept for about an hour and then wrote letters the other 2 haha. It was pretty cool to see we were flying over a GIANT stratus cloud that seemed to be over the entire south! But the first thing we saw when we went under the clouds, can you guess, I said it earlier, yes, THE TREES! We had flown into Atlanta, Georgia and again, they were everywhere! When we got off an landed in Atlanta it was kinda one of those Dorthy moments where it’s like “Well we are definitely not in Utah anymore.” The humidity really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but the people were all so kind! Crazy haha. Well we ate and then took off out of Atlanta to BIRMINGHAM!! and the pilot pronounced it ‘Burminham’ made us all laugh. (: So we were off and the flight from Atlanta to Birmingham was only 26 minutes ha. Very quick. Well we descended as soon as we were up in the air! Anyways, when we landed there was our Mission President and wife waiting for us as we came to the baggage claim. (: They were so great and kind! I love them! President Hanks, as I told him, reminded me of my bishop, Bishop Tippets and he laughed at that. It was great. So we went to this small little yellow building that was a church, for Hispanic wards, it was really cute but anyways, we ate there and got our paperwork stuff it was a long day, but guess what! All the new missionaries got to stay in a hotel that night! Pretty snazzy and I was not expecting that. (: So that’s Tuesday.
Wednesday: Woke up and got ready, got picked up from the hotel at 8:15 and drove to an actual church building about a half hour away and started our transfer meeting. We had some talks and then we got transferred around where I lost my old companion, Sister Zackrison. ): But gained my new companion, my trainer, Sister Carlson. (: We had to wait forever for me to get my interview with President Hanks cause I was the last on the list. But it was all good! Turns out though, we get a car, and it’s great, even if it is a Chevy…. but his name is Lewis and he’s pretty. (: After we got all that done we went back to our apartment where I got to look around a bit, but then we had to go to our appointment!!! This appointment was with a member who had been converted a little while back, but the bishop wanted us to check up on her. Her name is Mary Jane and she is Filipino…no idea how to spell that, but she’s from those island down below us, hopefully ya’ll know what I’m talking about! (: Anyways, she fed us and it was delicious! Had a great lesson and left. After we started to tract! Oh boy was I scared out of my mind because I was brand new and I had no idea what to say or do and just AH! But luckily my companion told me to just watch. We met a few people but we didn’t know how we felt about them and if they were really interested. Crazy. And that’s pretty much all we did Wednesday.
Thursday: My days are already jumbled together….but I think this is the day where we met with the Hoover Elders and talked about the investigators we were teaching. Well sadly neither of us have actual investigators… We’ve been tracting so much lately! But it’s okay. Well I don’t remember much about this day but this is probably the day we found Anastasia! We knocked on her door and asked if we could pray with her, she invited us in and asked if we could also add in the prayer for her to stop smoking. We did so. After we asked if there was a time we could come back and she allowed us to the next day! So great! (: I was really excited haha. After I’m sure we did more tracting…I’m terrible ha.
Friday: Friday we started out with studies as we do every morning and we got to meet with Anastasia after we had lunch. I think the lesson went very well even though she had a friend over who didn’t want to join in and was watching tv in the other room. But all in all, I still felt the spirit in our lesson about the Restoration! After we had gone and done more tracting! We were walking around and a boy yelled out his window at us “SATAN” it made me laugh really hard and made my day! I just think it was funny cause it was the first like real dislike towards us that I’ve seen. Later we had correlation with the ward missionaries. It was interesting because I had no idea what was going on at first and then we didn’t really have any investigators to talk about… Well afterwards I bet ya’ll can guess what we did. Yes! Tracting…

Saturday: During our morning studies we got a call from a recent convert who asked us for help from us with moving boxes. We agreed. This cute girl’s name is Anna Melissa. She is actually getting married this December IN THE TEMPLE!! She was so excited and wanted to just talk talk talk about it. (: But we also got to talk about why people here in the south don’t think Mormons and christian. It was a really interesting story and of course, something that didn’t make sense. But that’s okay. I’m running out of time but after we tried to see more people and then we did more tracting yada yada yada…
Sunday: Sunday was my favorite day! We of course went to church, I met members and they are all so great! After church we were invited to lunch and later invited to dinner. It was great, we didn’t do much until after dinner ha. But the food was fantastic! So after we had dinner, we tried to see this girl that Sister Carlson had started with but she just never seemed to be home when we went or never answered our calls. Well of course when we went, she wasn’t there. So went back to our car and decided to pray. We weren’t getting anything!! But then we realized, her car had driven up…so we went up and talked to, Unique. Yes, that’s her name. (: She was cute and her story was quite interesting. I had even said some things that I wasn’t expecting to say! Woot! It made me really happy. So this was around 7:30ish and then by the time we were done it was 8:30. so we decided to just go back home.
So that is my week in a rushed detailed thing… (:
I love you all and I pray for you!

Sister Drummond

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