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How ya’ll doin??

This email isn’t going to be very long because not much happened…

We’ve been really struggling with trying to find people to teach. The zone I’m in is called the Bessemer East Zone and we call the ‘BEAST” zone because it’s so hard. Almost everyone in this zone has either none or close to no investigators.. I as a friend, family member, and missionary to pray for us. Remember us as you kneel down with your families. It will be greatly appreciated.

So I’ve actually gotten a lot of single emails from people asking what ‘tracting’ is. No worries my friends!  It’s very understandable. Tracting is just when us as missionaries go out and knock of people doors and try to come in contact with people who will hopefully be willing to hear from us again. (:

It’s starting to get colder but still not too bad. It’s right in the mid area where sometimes it’s cold sometimes it’s still hot. Just depends on the day!

This past weekend we had a ward trunk or treat combined with another ward. There was a chili competition and of course, the missionaries were the judges. There was a lot of chili! I didn’t try all of them but I think the elders did. We let them give out the prizes haha.

Most of you should know that Halloween is coming up this week so HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! and for those of you who don’t know it’s also my dad’s birthday that day! (: So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!! (: Everyone, wish him a happy birthday! I don’t know how old he’s turning, maybe 44? Something like that sure!

Oh yea! Church on Sunday was so great! It was the primary program! And whenever the primary sings it just brings tears to my eyes. It was so great! Then in Sunday School there was  joke about how it’s a hassle to get the primary program to run and if they can get a bunch of children to work together why can’t the government do it? Then my thoughts went to home with the 500 kids in my ward ha. Not really but seems like it. I thought, if only they could see that cause it was my last Sunday before I left that it was the primary program there. Great stuff! (:

So anyways that’s really all I got. We’ve just been trying to find people or more tracting. (:

Thanks to all who have written me! I’m sorry if I couldn’t write back personally but it’s great appreciated! I love hearing about how ya’ll are doing!

With much love,

Sister Drummond

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