Time’s A-Flyin

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Well how ya’ll doin??

Sorry for not having my emails done yesterday. It was Veterans Day yesterday so the library was closed. But yea! Here I am safe and sound. (:

So today(Nov 12) is so cold! It’s the coldest it’s been so far this season. Today and tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest so far. CRAZY!

Well everything is going good. More findin ha.

I do have an awesome experience to say! I think it was Saturday this happened. So we were just walking around some apartment complexes, doin our regular rounds and we had seen all these people at least once. Well people here have CRAZY work schedules and just never want to be home when they say they will…URGH! Anyways we were walkin down this hill to Anastasia’s home. We had seen her about twice before. We taught her the first lesson, (Lesson about the Restoration) and she said she wanted to read the Book of Mormon. So you can imagine we are super excited about that I mean she wants to read it!! HAPPY DAY! (: So we set up a time to come back and on that day we go back…she wasn’t home… So we left a note and went back the next couple of days we finally see her again and she said she was just on her way out to go to the store. So she told us to come back the next day. We did. SHE WAS NOT HOME! After this we did not see Anastasia for about a week and half to 2 weeks… So Saturday we were walking to her home already tried to see other people and they just weren’t home. So by this time we were just not feeling it… But as we were walkin down this hill I was saying a small prayer in my head just that she would be home. Just so we could see her and talk. I didn’t want anything else. We get to her house and BAM! She’s home. She invited us and we FINALLY give her the Book of Mormon! YAY! We read from it with her and talked about it. She thought it was interesting and she liked it. She said she would continue to read the book on her own. Woot woot! The lesson was so great! The spirit was there and I know she felt it! She started crying! I wanted to cry but I didn’t ha. It was so great! (: So she told us we could come back Monday evening and we did…but she wasn’t home. Man the inconsistency with these people is just awful. BUT WE GAVE HER THE BOOK OF MORMON!! Happy days ha.
So that’s about all the cool stories I got ha.
Yesterday(Monday) we went shoppin with some of the young women in our ward. It was fantastic! They are so sweet ha. This past weekend we also had Stake Conference and it was so great! (: I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO GO TO THEIR STAKE CONFERENCES!!! 😀 LOVE it. (:
So yea that’s all really from me this week!
I love you all and hope ya’ll are doin great

Sister Drummond

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