Roll Tide

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So my companion’s bike kinda broke and we had been trying to fix it or figure out what was wrong with it for a while and we just could not figure it out! So finally we asked the Spanish Elders near us if they would look at it because they are all mechanically talented. They let us know what was wrong but they didn’t have the right tool this is the text that we got from them:

‘So the bad news is, we don’t have the right tool to fix your bike, but we know how to! The good news is that Alabama won last night? #Rolltide’

I couldn’t help but laugh because how they new we won was just funny and the fact they used a question mark and a hash tag? Who does that!? It’s also sad because one of those elders was just a visa waiter and he leaves today! He’s going to Bolivia. It’s was great to get to know him though!

This past week was good. I have been praying in faith that the work will be picked up because yall know my companion and I have been struggling with finding people to teach. Well, the same Spanish Elders have given us 6 referrals this past week. CRAZY! And then we also met this guy named Lewis. He is a religion major! We were talking about different things and then he says this:

“The main difference that I see is that I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer. That he died and suffered for me. And y’all believe in that Joseph dude.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at these words! I just had never come across anyone who thought we worshiped Joseph Smith which was hilarious! We asked him how he felt about Moses, Noah, and Abraham. Then we explained Joseph is just like these men. He was a prophet of God. That made sense to him. It just really made me laugh and while I was listening to what he was saying and as my companion answered questions, I could feel my heart beating and I thought to myself, ‘Okay, I know you’re there but what are you trying to tell me.’ I then had the thought to leave him with something and I was going through my mind maybe the Book of Mormon, no that wasn’t right. Based on what he was saying, he wouldn’t read that. Then I thought about a pamphlet, that could work, I could leave him with a Restoration pamphlet, then he said he didn’t want to learn about Joseph Smith. That idea was out. THEN! Oh my goodness then I thought about our scripture study class! DING DING DING! I invited him to our scripture study class that we started and gave him the card about where and when it was held. He said no promises but he was interested. I could tell ha. It was awesome! I think it would be great to have him at our class to have a religion major there! CRAZY! It was exciting.

So that is my awesome story for the week!

And also I forgot to mention this last week, but I had a member mention to me that I reminded him of Elizabeth Smart ha. That my smile was fantastic and that the way I enunciated my words was so clear! He loved it ha. I told him to thank my mother. 😉

I then told my mother about it and I told her I could feel my enunciation slippin…oh boy she did not like to hear that! (:
Well I love you all and y’all are doin well!

Sister Drummond

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