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So I don’t have a lot of time left on the computer so this email will be kinda short… But I feel like there a few stuffs I want to say! I’ll do my best!

So first of all, can you believe Thanksgiving is this week!? I sure can’t! Along with that transfers are this Wednesday! YIKES! But just so everyone knows, I AM NOT GETTING TRANSFERRED!! I’m staying in Hoover, Alabama so my address will be staying the same. My companion on the other hand, is leaving. She was my trainer and she was fantastic! I will miss her! She has been here for 6 months! Can you believe it! That’s 1/3 of her mission. Ha.

Anyways, That’s the main thing that I wanted to say ha but another thing, we had an investigator DROP US! We didn’t drop them, she dropped us. That was heart wrenching….My companion had been working with her for a while and she just flat out told us she didn’t want to read anymore. But we are more than welcome to come over anytime we wanted. Well gee what do we say to that? It was hard. We walked back to our car, crying, we hugged and said a prayer for the Lord to continue to work on her heart.

My time is gone but know I love y’all so very much! My prayers are with each of you and I hope y’all are doin well.

Sister Drummond

P.S. Who knew the humidity is FREEZING! When the wind blows, it goes straight to your bones! /: AH! Glad we have a car! 😉

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