Month: December 2013

Mom Email – Last Time in December

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Haha I miss you mom. I love you so much. There are times where I think about that moment when I first see you again when it’s time for me to come home. Crazy! (:

I’m out of time but I do love you and I pray for you!

Keepin the faith is key. It’s why God gives us the  trials. So he knows that we will turn to him and give him our burdens!

Everything will work out! I know it will.

I love you so much!

Hugs and kisses!

Miss your brains beautiful lady! (:


Sister Drummond


I Have Nothing Interesting for a Subject This Week

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Hello y’all!

Ha. Can you believe Christmas is upon us!? I most definitely can not!! I’ve been freaking out for the past like week! I’m so excited to see my family on Christmas and I’m sure if you ask my mom how I am she will tell you! Or you can just read that I am doin awesome! (:

This past week was kinda slow. They say holidays are the best time to proselyte but I kinda have to disagree….IT IS THE WORST TIME EVER! Sure people are home and with their families but no one wants to hear what we have to say….Sorry if this is sounding super negative but that is most definitely how I see it. But have I given up? NOT AT ALL! I keep pushin forward and say ‘Lord, I’m here for you, show me where to go.’ Or somethin like that ha.

My companion. Sister Christensen is awesome. We get along so great! She is almost like the older sister I never had. At night when we are driving home we always seem to get off on these ‘high’ moments… Ha because we say the weirdest things and just laugh for so long. It’s very weird but I like it. (: I wouldn’t be surprised if we stayed together for another transfer. But I want to go to transfers this next time because I know personally know someone who is coming out!! She was in my old home ward before my family moved out to Little Valley. But hey. I’ll see her when  I see her I guess.

I don’t really know what more to say now ha. But I hope y’all have a very VERY Merry Christmas. I hope everyone gets what they want. And I thank y’all for all your prayers. They have been felt/answered! (:

I love y’all so much and I’ll write again next week! (:


The amazing Sister Drummond! (:

Miracles Happen

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Hello everyone! How are y’all doin?

Can I just say, I know with out a doubt in my heart or mind that this gospel is true. If some of you didn’t know that, I suggest you go find out for yourself because! The Lord will answer your questions. (:

So starting out, this past week was our mission temple trip! It was so fantastic!

I also found out, the Birmingham temple is very small. o: But that’s okay. It’s amazing.

Thursday was fantastic. We got a referral! Woot woot! He was actually a member who is less active and he has recently decided to come back to church. Also his wife is not a member and he just wants her to understand his beliefs. He told us whether she later decides to get baptized than perfect! (: And I totally believe it’s going to happen!

Friday We met with Orlando(the referral) Wow it went so fantastic! Also we were on exchanges this day so I was with a spanish sister. She is our Sister Training Leader. But it went so fantastic because they speak spanish Orlando speaks perfect english but his wife struggles just a little bit. So we taught in Spanish… I didn’t know what was going on half the time. But! I knew the spirit was there. It was just a fabulous lesson.  I know  that she will get baptized. (:

So then comes Saturday. And I can I just say. Saturday is the day that changed my mission (: Sister Christensen and I have made a goal for ourselves to go tracting everyday between  3:30-5. We think that’s a pretty goal because that is when it will be most beneficial to go tracting and can I just say fantastic! (: We knocked 3 doors in a row that all opened and listened. All 3 of those are new investigators. WE GOT RETURN APPOINTMENTS WITH ALL 3 OF THEM! 😀 It was a fantastic day. We even found more people that day but didn’t get full set return appointment. That’s okay because they are still fantastic people. Back to the 3 though. We were in an apartment complex and they don’t number the doors in this complex. They number the buildings and have letters on the doors. And each door we knocked in the building was letter E! It was crazy. We decided that it stood for the E-lect. All 3 of those people are goin to get baptized whether they like it or not! Ha just kidding we can’t force people into salvation but it’s going to happen. I have such a good feeling. (:

And this entire week! We are doing something almost every evening! An appointment for all but 2 evenings? That’s crazy! I’m so happy and I know that the Lord has answered my prayers. We have been diligent in our work and he is rewarding us for our efforts.

You can’t do things only once. You have to keep trying at them each day. It may be hard  and boring. But the Lord will reward you. I know he will! (:

I leave that with you as my testimony and my prayers I leave with y’all as well.

I love y’all! Have a fantastic week! Keep Christ in your thought this Christmas season!

Remember Christmas means ‘MORE’ Christ. Because in Spanish ‘mas’ means ‘more’ So Christ-more or have MORE CHRIST in your seasons. (:


Sister Drummond

Snow In Saint George

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April told me last time I talked to her(last night) that St. George had a blizzard! That you told her I want to see it. I am seeing April today so I will get to see them! 😀
You showed the scouts me opening my letter? That’s so embarrassing! I look and sound funny. (:
Oh! But guess what! Our teacher in Gospel Principles class wasn’t there it was like a last minute thing and so Brother Farris (our ward mission leader) asked me to teach. I had about 10 minutes to prepare! And I did it during Sacrament Meeting! I was freaking out! I did it and my companion said I did a really good job ha. But Brother Farris said he normally picks on the newest missionary to teach as a sub but he really wanted me to do it because I told him I wanted to be a teacher and he just thought I would do a really good job. I hope it was up to his standard. But I guess it has helped being in front of 4th graders. 😉
I got my package. And just so you know…you sent the wrong comforter. I wanted the COMFORTER not the QUILT. I don’t even know where you found that one haha. But that’s okay. It works and I use it. I am much warmer either way. Sister Christensen isn’t letting me see what else is in the package until Christmas..except I got the letter from Elder Cotter’s friend and I kinda saw the scarf in there so I took it out and used it yesterday. I love that scarf! Except it gets me very hairy haha. But I still like it. So yea I still don’t know what else is in the package besides the chocolate orange I saw and the candy cane full of reeses. Always good. I thank you for sending it to me.
So yesterday was my real experience of Alabama rain! It rained ALL DAY! It did not stop at all ha. It may have lightened up some but still it didn’t stop. And so now all this humidity is in the air again where as before it was kinda dry. Now that is has been raining it’s full of humidity. My hair has been going wacko! HA which reminds me. Yesterday(Saturday night) night Sister Christensen french braided my hair so in the morning it would be wavy and by the end of the day yesterday I felt and look like Hermione! It was ridiculous ha. I had already kinda felt like her at first but it wast like definitely her by the end of the day. (:

Rain, Rain and More Rain

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So I really don’t have a lot of time but I love you all just so yall know, it has been raining here like crazy! My hair has been poofing and I feel like Hermione! HAHA!

You can ask my mom how I’m doing because I’m really out of time.

I’m loving it still and the work is really moving forward!


Sister Drummond

Email to Mom

December is right!!
And sorry we couldn’t email yesterday because the library was closed…

I seriously can’t believe it’s December!! AH! But the good thing is that I get to see you this month! 😉 I already know I’m gunna cry ha. And I may already have a members house to go to for it! Not sure yet though. It’s a widowed woman and she is the sweetest! She told us that if a family has invited us over that we should go there first. But who knows? For Thanksgiving we got an invite only 2 days before ha!

So yes, that text was a little weird but I liked it. (: I was thinking about when I get transferred away from this area it’s going to be hard because April won’t be around to be a little messenger. April is so great! Her testimony is so strong and she loves hanging out with the missionaries and spoiling us! She’s great.

Ah yes, my new companion. Her name is Sister Christensen. She is from Highland, Utah and wow, I LOVE HER! We get along so well. Better than..a lot better than Sister Carlson and I. She is so chill and wow I just love her. (: So get this, the transfer I came out had 35ish new missionaries. It was the last ‘big’ group apparently. And then this last transfer there were 23 new missionaries. This next transfer (the one with Alex Rodgers coming out) will only have 6! ONLY 6! That is ridiculously small haha.

Yes I was wearing my purple coat. It keeps me perfectly warm. I love it. The only problem now is my legs. I only have one pair of tights and they are black so it doesn’t work with every outfit…But that’s okay! I am planning on buying like a brown pair. So yea. It hasn’t been too bad but let me tell ya, humidity cold is terrible. The wind really does blow straight to your bones! AH! Ha but that’s okay. I bought some gloves as well. (:

I check the mail everyday for my package! I haven’t gotten yet. It would help to know what day you sent it so I can see how long it gets here. Hopefully it will be here today or tomorrow.

I would love to see that talk from whoever. It would be great to read. What’s it about?? And what would y’all like for Christmas? I can probably get you each something small. Even though I think I know what I want to get ya. We’ll see though ha. I may just wait gather stuff and send it haha.

I have seen posters for the House of Hades but I still haven’t actually seen the book and it’s been so hard! But that just gives me something to read when I get home. (:
Good to hear about the Greek Museum. I can’t wait to see the pictures! And that reminds me. I sent home my SD card… so when you get it and take off the pictures, please send it back ASAP! (:

I love you so much and I miss you! Can’t wait to see you on Christmas! (:

Sister Drummond

Happy Thanksgiving

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I hope y’all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!! I know I did!

So, the bishop had invited all the missionaries over to his house for Thanksgiving. So Sister Christensen and I plus the Elders. It was fun. (: Let me tell y’all a little somethin about the south that I want to do when I have a family. They DEEP FRY their turkeys. (: My oh my it was so yummy! But also, the Bishop had invited someone from his work who is from China so she was alone and she not a member and Sister Christensen and I totally hopped on that opportunity! It was hard because she spoke broken English in a very good way ha. But yea so Thanksgiving was so good! (:

Now I’m goin to jump back a few days. Tuesday a member had taken Sister Carlson and I out to lunch because Sister Carlson was getting transferred. And we had gone to Chipolte! Well as we are sittin there. The table right next to us were 3 guys. And one of them said, ‘Oh yea I’m going to SALT LAKE CITY this next month to see the MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR, I hear they are really good.’ Both Sister Carlson and I looked at each other and turned around and told him that we were from Utah and that we were missionaries from the Mormon church. We told him he is going to love that concert because they are a fabulous choir! If none of you have heard them I suggest that y’all go listen to them right now! (:

Wednesday comes around and that is transfers! Sister Carlson leaves and I get my new companion Sister Christensen. She is so amazing and wow I just love her. We are getting along so great we have worked out kinks and just already said what bugs us and what doesn’t. She told me she absolutely loves milk and I told her we can be friends cause I love milk too! Then I told her I don’t like mushrooms and she said we can be best friends because she doesn’t like mushroom either!! 😀 It was fun.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and I already explained that.

Friday we had made a goal for ourselves to see all or most of the less actives in our ward. And we went around to a lot and when we came to one member, her brother answered(who isn’t a member) and he talked to us. Let me explain about him. He told us we could call him Brother Brad. So he obviously knows something about us. I at first thought he was a member. And let me say something else…Here in the South A LOT of people don’t have teeth. Especially when they live in trailer parks ha, but the people in the trailer parks are the best! They may not live the cleanliness but they are hilarious! So Brother Brad was missing some teeth and later Sister Christensen said to me, ‘I think I’ve taught more people without teeth then with’ Made me laugh. But Brother Brad might be a bit crazy… He was tellin us all sorts of funny stories. I didn’t know what was true and what wasn’t. I was kinda guessing a lot wasn’t…Anyways. This guy was just so great! And both Sister Christensen and I got the impression to invite him to baptism! So next time we go over to see him. Guess what we are doin?!? 😀 Happy days.

Anyways I’m skippin to Sunday because Sunday was a really good day! We had a less active come to church! And I have been tryin to get her to come to church since I got here in Alabama! AND SHE CAME!! It had made my entire day! She hadn’t been to church in 9-10 years. I don’t really remember but just in  along time. So wow! I was happy.

Anyways. Sorry for not emailing yesterday, the library was closed so today it is!
I love y’all and I hope everyone is doin well!


Sister Drummond