Rain, Rain and More Rain

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So I really don’t have a lot of time but I love you all just so yall know, it has been raining here like crazy! My hair has been poofing and I feel like Hermione! HAHA!

You can ask my mom how I’m doing because I’m really out of time.

I’m loving it still and the work is really moving forward!


Sister Drummond

Email to Mom

December is right!!
And sorry we couldn’t email yesterday because the library was closed…

I seriously can’t believe it’s December!! AH! But the good thing is that I get to see you this month! 😉 I already know I’m gunna cry ha. And I may already have a members house to go to for it! Not sure yet though. It’s a widowed woman and she is the sweetest! She told us that if a family has invited us over that we should go there first. But who knows? For Thanksgiving we got an invite only 2 days before ha!

So yes, that text was a little weird but I liked it. (: I was thinking about when I get transferred away from this area it’s going to be hard because April won’t be around to be a little messenger. April is so great! Her testimony is so strong and she loves hanging out with the missionaries and spoiling us! She’s great.

Ah yes, my new companion. Her name is Sister Christensen. She is from Highland, Utah and wow, I LOVE HER! We get along so well. Better than..a lot better than Sister Carlson and I. She is so chill and wow I just love her. (: So get this, the transfer I came out had 35ish new missionaries. It was the last ‘big’ group apparently. And then this last transfer there were 23 new missionaries. This next transfer (the one with Alex Rodgers coming out) will only have 6! ONLY 6! That is ridiculously small haha.

Yes I was wearing my purple coat. It keeps me perfectly warm. I love it. The only problem now is my legs. I only have one pair of tights and they are black so it doesn’t work with every outfit…But that’s okay! I am planning on buying like a brown pair. So yea. It hasn’t been too bad but let me tell ya, humidity cold is terrible. The wind really does blow straight to your bones! AH! Ha but that’s okay. I bought some gloves as well. (:

I check the mail everyday for my package! I haven’t gotten yet. It would help to know what day you sent it so I can see how long it gets here. Hopefully it will be here today or tomorrow.

I would love to see that talk from whoever. It would be great to read. What’s it about?? And what would y’all like for Christmas? I can probably get you each something small. Even though I think I know what I want to get ya. We’ll see though ha. I may just wait gather stuff and send it haha.

I have seen posters for the House of Hades but I still haven’t actually seen the book and it’s been so hard! But that just gives me something to read when I get home. (:
Good to hear about the Greek Museum. I can’t wait to see the pictures! And that reminds me. I sent home my SD card… so when you get it and take off the pictures, please send it back ASAP! (:

I love you so much and I miss you! Can’t wait to see you on Christmas! (:

Sister Drummond

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