Miracles Happen

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Hello everyone! How are y’all doin?

Can I just say, I know with out a doubt in my heart or mind that this gospel is true. If some of you didn’t know that, I suggest you go find out for yourself because! The Lord will answer your questions. (:

So starting out, this past week was our mission temple trip! It was so fantastic!

I also found out, the Birmingham temple is very small. o: But that’s okay. It’s amazing.

Thursday was fantastic. We got a mormon.org referral! Woot woot! He was actually a member who is less active and he has recently decided to come back to church. Also his wife is not a member and he just wants her to understand his beliefs. He told us whether she later decides to get baptized than perfect! (: And I totally believe it’s going to happen!

Friday We met with Orlando(the referral) Wow it went so fantastic! Also we were on exchanges this day so I was with a spanish sister. She is our Sister Training Leader. But it went so fantastic because they speak spanish Orlando speaks perfect english but his wife struggles just a little bit. So we taught in Spanish… I didn’t know what was going on half the time. But! I knew the spirit was there. It was just a fabulous lesson.  I know  that she will get baptized. (:

So then comes Saturday. And I can I just say. Saturday is the day that changed my mission (: Sister Christensen and I have made a goal for ourselves to go tracting everyday between  3:30-5. We think that’s a pretty goal because that is when it will be most beneficial to go tracting and can I just say fantastic! (: We knocked 3 doors in a row that all opened and listened. All 3 of those are new investigators. WE GOT RETURN APPOINTMENTS WITH ALL 3 OF THEM! 😀 It was a fantastic day. We even found more people that day but didn’t get full set return appointment. That’s okay because they are still fantastic people. Back to the 3 though. We were in an apartment complex and they don’t number the doors in this complex. They number the buildings and have letters on the doors. And each door we knocked in the building was letter E! It was crazy. We decided that it stood for the E-lect. All 3 of those people are goin to get baptized whether they like it or not! Ha just kidding we can’t force people into salvation but it’s going to happen. I have such a good feeling. (:

And this entire week! We are doing something almost every evening! An appointment for all but 2 evenings? That’s crazy! I’m so happy and I know that the Lord has answered my prayers. We have been diligent in our work and he is rewarding us for our efforts.

You can’t do things only once. You have to keep trying at them each day. It may be hard  and boring. But the Lord will reward you. I know he will! (:

I leave that with you as my testimony and my prayers I leave with y’all as well.

I love y’all! Have a fantastic week! Keep Christ in your thought this Christmas season!

Remember Christmas means ‘MORE’ Christ. Because in Spanish ‘mas’ means ‘more’ So Christ-more or have MORE CHRIST in your seasons. (:


Sister Drummond


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