I Have Nothing Interesting for a Subject This Week

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Hello y’all!

Ha. Can you believe Christmas is upon us!? I most definitely can not!! I’ve been freaking out for the past like week! I’m so excited to see my family on Christmas and I’m sure if you ask my mom how I am she will tell you! Or you can just read that I am doin awesome! (:

This past week was kinda slow. They say holidays are the best time to proselyte but I kinda have to disagree….IT IS THE WORST TIME EVER! Sure people are home and with their families but no one wants to hear what we have to say….Sorry if this is sounding super negative but that is most definitely how I see it. But have I given up? NOT AT ALL! I keep pushin forward and say ‘Lord, I’m here for you, show me where to go.’ Or somethin like that ha.

My companion. Sister Christensen is awesome. We get along so great! She is almost like the older sister I never had. At night when we are driving home we always seem to get off on these ‘high’ moments… Ha because we say the weirdest things and just laugh for so long. It’s very weird but I like it. (: I wouldn’t be surprised if we stayed together for another transfer. But I want to go to transfers this next time because I know personally know someone who is coming out!! She was in my old home ward before my family moved out to Little Valley. But hey. I’ll see her when  I see her I guess.

I don’t really know what more to say now ha. But I hope y’all have a very VERY Merry Christmas. I hope everyone gets what they want. And I thank y’all for all your prayers. They have been felt/answered! (:

I love y’all so much and I’ll write again next week! (:


The amazing Sister Drummond! (:


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