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So, we have been coming to the library a little later and I’m sorry if that’s any inconvenience! But I’m here!

And transfers, I’m staying in Hoover again…but sadly Sister Christensen is getting transferred… ): It’s okay though. I guess other people need her more than me… ):

And guess what!?!?!

WE GOT SOMEONE COMMITTED TO BAPTISM!! I’m so happy. We met her 2 weeks ago and then last week we committed her to baptism and this week when we go see her again, we are going to set up a date. Oh my goodness I was freaking out when I came out of that lesson. The spirit did not leave during that entire 1 HOUR lesson! IT was insane! I loved it and I’m looking forward to seeing her again(tomorrow).

I love you!

Oh my goodness…IT”S FREEZING!! It snowed this morning! Ha.. Nothing compared to Utah. If you looked outside you could see white stuff flyin around in the air. It is so cold and today and tomorrow are supposed to be the coldest yet! I don’t like it… The humidity man, it really does bite! Ha.

I did get the SD card. Tell him thanks for me! (: And I have already started taking pictures!
My coat is great! It’s still cold though. And for some odd reason, the buttons on my coat DO NOT WANT TO STAY ON! 3 have already popped off! And 2 are loose. We are going to sew them on again today. I actually didn’t have any gloves when I first got here…And the pair I bought…they magically disappeared. I have looked EVERYWHERE for them and cannot find them. So I’m going to buy another pair today, a cheap pair though. I was actually thinking about the thermals! I think they would be very warm. (: But see, I would never wear them again, well actually I probably would. 😛
I’ve been thinking about recording myself saying something to them on my camera so the next time I send the SD card you could show it to them. It would be just short but I don’t know what I would say ha. Oh well.
You know random side note…For some weird reason, I was thinking the other day about if you were to die. And then I started to cry and think about how you said that if you did, you would be right next to me and that I would start to hear ‘you are so beautiful’ bein sung in my ear. It made my teary and laugh at the same time…
Ha. I know this is my random thought I have. (:
I’m going to be sending pictures from my companions’s camera.
Enjoy those! I love you so much! I think we are heading out now.
Be good and remember to pray oft! Tell the class hi for me! (:
Love and miss your brains!

SAM_4407 SAM_4408 SAM_4413


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