What a Week

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Oh my goodness! This week has been very very weird.

It was a very chill week but I am thankful for it. The Lord knew I needed it.

Last week I found out some interesting news about one of my investigators but I’m not going to expound. It through me for a whirl and tested my faith. I am proud to say I have come out on top and I know I have been made stronger and I can tell that I have changed. (:

So I have pictures!!! Some of them are a little old. But that is okay! (:

I have a picture of last transfers district. When I was with Sister Christensen!

This transfer we heart attacked the Assistants door and car. Because we have an ongoing ‘nice’ prank. It’s been fun. (: The thing they did to us last is left random pot pies on our car(no idea how they found it) and had a pass along card that said, ‘Enjoy your dinner, -The Mormons’ took us a while to figure out who it was, but we did. (:

This week has been hectic and chill all at the same time. (:

I know that the Lord needed me to go through the trial that I did to strengthen myself and I have been strengthened. I feel like I am spiritually intune now. It’s weird and I feel like I can take anything on! Whatever is thrown at me here in the South, I can handle. I know with the Lord on my side, anything is possible.

That’s really all I got, OH! Ha something exciting! I have a team up set up for this week with *drum roll* PRESIDENT HANKS! Can you believe it? I’m gunna go teachin the gospel with my mission president. I’m excited and kinda a lot intimidated! Ha! But it will be fun. and Yikes all at the same time.

But I hope y’all are stayin happy and well! Remember to stay close to the Lord and he will bless you. (:

Sister Drummond


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