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Who would have ever thought that there would be snow during my time in Alabama!? I CERTAINLY DID NOT!

Y’all, we got a blizzard this past week! Tuesday it hit us and they shut down EVERYTHING! It was insane. I only saw a small fragment of what it was really like and the cars that were parked along and IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREETS, reminded me of ‘The Walking Dead’ ha. If y’all don’t know what that is, it’s a zombie show. It looked like a zombie apocalypse had happened. Stranded vehicles all over! Ridiculousness! And a lot of people think ‘well it was only 3 inches of snow, can’t people drive in it!?’ And it wasn’t just the 3 inches of snow, it was because of the humidity down here, that bottom layer had froze over. There was a layer of ice over the entire ground. EVERYWHERE! It was bad. There were people left in their cars on highways for 2 days with no water. Crazy.
I was stuck in my apartment for 2 days and I was going out of my mind with nothing to do ha. I never want another snow day on my mission again.. But they say that these snow storms happen every like 30 or so years. Maybe not even that. So I think I’m good. (:

Y’all wanna know the funny thing, by the time Friday hit, the temperature was back up to 50 and 60. Saturday had a high of 70! It was so hot, I was sweating while I was tractin ha.

So anyways, my team up with President Hanks, That was awesome! (: Kinda nerve wracking for me but he rarely gets to be a ‘missionary’ ha. It was fun. (:

Also, he taught our bible study class on Thursday. Boom! Power housin it up! The spirit was so powerful there. (: He taught the last 3 chapters in Matthew which is I hope some of y’all know! The atonement. (:

This past week has kinda been a set back what with the snow and all. But I know this week will turn out to be awesome! (: I can not this believe this transfer is almost over… I only have 2 and a half weeks left! Yikes. President told us that I would be leaving first, and that was ‘duh’ moment for us but it makes me wonder if he means this next transfer. ): I hope not!

But I’m alright, I survived the snowpocalypse! 😉

I’m ready for anything!

Hope y’all are doing well!

Sister Drummond


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