Sister Drummond Reporting In

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Sister Drummond here with not much to report.
Not much happened this week, we had transfer calls on Saturday and looks like I will be staying in Hoover for another transfer! Crazy! I will be here for 6 months. Yikes. Time files. I’m staying with my same companion, Sister Dormer which I’m again, very happy about! (: Because I love her so so much! Hehe.

The Hoover ward had another baptism on Saturday! We are already doubled the baptisms we had next week with 4 more planned this weekend! It’s a family! I’m excited. Work is definitely being ‘hastened’ (: Which brings me to my next thing.

We had district meeting on Saturday morning and an Elder told us, ‘We keep hearing the hastening of the work is here, but actually, the hastening of the work was yesterday, we just need to jump on board!’ So to y’all, jump on board! It’s going whether you are ready for it or not haha! (:

That’s about it for me this week.
Hope to hear from y’all again next week! And have a fantastic week!
Steadfast in Christ!
Sister Drummond

P.S I have pictures but I will send them next week! (:

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