Work is Being Hastened

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Oh my goodness y’all, this week was awesome! (:

I forgot to mention last week though, that it had snowed again, but it had melted all the next day ha. Oops. So we did NOT get any snow days again, thank the Lord! (:

Anyways, this week, so I went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and we actually met this ADORABLE old woman whose name is Melissa Spencer and she sounds like Mickey Mouse. Cutest person EVER! She is 93 years old! But anyways, we raked her ENTIRE yard that was literally COVERED with pine needles. It was the best service ever. But we got a picture with her but I will have to send it next week because I didn’t use my camera to take the picture… sorry.

But also!! You will not believe, we have an investigator who is 16 years old named Christina! She is amazing and we are going to give her a baptismal date this week! She is Catholic BTW haha. (: And she has been to church twice already!! Now the second one came to church yesterday as well…we had 2 investigators at church yesterday!! It was awesome! (: Great things are coming to the Hoover ward. Because this past Saturday we hit 6 baptisms out of 12 for this year for our ward goal on baptisms! We are exploding! (: It will be great. (:  Oh my goodness y’all I hope you are feeling my excitement and joy from this email!! (:


I love y’all so much and I hope y’all have an amazing week!

Remember who y’all are and remember THE LORD LOVES YOU!

Sister Drummond!

P.S PICTURES!! (: The group is my old district, before transfers. There is one of me and Sister Dormer in the car. (:  And the one of the 3 girls and with a member April Cook, we went to the hotel the new missionaries stay in and we played a prank of them where, I was a member, April was  ‘Sister Dormer’ And Sister Dormer was ‘Sister Drummond’ It was awesome because the next day @ transfer meeting, they were all so confused! (: It was hilarious haha.


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