“It’s not a religion. It’s not a church. It’s who I am!”

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This past week has been so great! The Lord has really been with me and I have felt him.

I know I’ve been having a hard time lately but all the prayers y’all have been saying have really been helping! Thank y’all so much! (: This week was the ‘spiritual boost’ I needed to get going again. I didn’t mention last week because I forgot, but we went to the temple again last Tuesday! Such a fantastic boost! For those of you who have not been to the temple in a while, Y’ALL NEED TO GO!!! I’m not even kidding, it will bless your life and you will feel the Lord in your life.

The Lord has also sent people in my path that either needed my influence or I needed theirs. He is answering my prayers! (:

Yesterday during the sacrament, it was the first time in a while that I really felt the Spirit speak to me during the sacrament. The sacrament is a blessing! Remember to use Christ’s Atonement. He did that sacrifice for US. Even the smallest of sins need to be repented of. But as long as we CONTINUE to do better each day, God will bless us.

This ‘spiritual boost’ that I needed has been an encouragement from God. He is encouraging me to keep going and that everything will work out. (: I AM A CHOSEN SERVANT TO TAKE PART IN THE HASTENING OF THE WORK.

Oh and my mom wanted me to put on this web address of my blog I guess. So if you are interested take a look! (:

Also there is a mission blog too here is that address:

I love y’all so much and I hope this week is a splendid spiritual uplift!


Sister Drummond



Sister Drummond, President Hanks, Sister Dormer
I love to see the Temple.

The “D” Sisters

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