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Oh my goodness y’all, this week has been CRAZY!!!

I will first start off with TRANSFERS! I am now serving in Booneville, Mississippi. Yes, it really is the boonies. I have heard that joke already. BUT, I love it. It is so cute. (: My new companion is Sister Gomm. She has been out 10 months and she is so great! I’m excited to be working with her. I haven’t met the entire ward yet as y’all know, General Conference was this past weekend…but I have met a lot of them.

So Wednesday, we drove ALL day to get to Booneville, because from Birmingham it is pretty much a 3 hour drive, but we didn’t drive straight to Booneville! We had to stop in Tupelo, then drive to New Albany, and then to Booneville. We didn’t arrive til like 8:30ish. It was crazy!

But, moving on…Thursday! It was good, but What I wanted to mention about Thursday was that night! At 2 in the morning our weather radio goes off due to tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings! I want to know where in the world that thunderstorm came from ha. BUT! an hour later, it goes off again!! Yikes. I was not a happy camper…So then for a 3rd time at 4 in the morning the weather radio went off AGAIN. The leaders of the mission were texting and calling everyone making sure everyone was okay. I just wanted to sleep! ): But I guess there were 2 tornadoes that did touch down, not anywhere near us, otherwise I would have been sleeping in the bath tub ha.

Alrighty, Friday! Friday Friday Friday…pretty great stuff happened on Friday. First of all, we had district meeting in Corinth, MS. And after we helped set up for a funeral! And we also ate. Can I just say, Southerners have the BEST food. Not to harp on any of y’all, but they do! They really do. (: I’m going to miss it one day…So after the funeral, we went back home and got our bikes out! Haha….well not even 3 minutes in while biking…I crashed….Yes I crashed my bike. I am now a real missionary! And I am so proud of it! (: I am EXTREMELY sore now though… So sore I didn’t sleep very well… But today, I am feeling much better! Well enough to hopefully play some ultimate Frisbee with the Elders today! (:

But I want to know how y’all like conference! I LOVED IT! It was soo good. I took lots of notes. I love how Saturday was almost all about defending your faith and beliefs, and Sunday was kinda more about facing trials with courage. Did y’all get that too? It might have been just a Sister Drummond thing. But that’s okay! (:

So anyways here is my new mailing address(s)!

205 Jefferson Street # 113
Booneville, Mississippi
For packages send to this address and write on the package
‘in care of Mary Alyse Jameson’
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
500 1st Street
Booneville, Mississippi
I love y’all so much and I hope y’all have a fantastic week! (:
Stay Steadfast in Christ!

Sister Drummond



Kristina, Sister Drummond, Sister Dormer
Kristina, Sister Drummond, Sister Dormer
Saying goodbye-  Sister Drummond & Sister Dormer
Be nice to her Mississippi
Be nice to her Mississippi


New companions! Sister Gomm & Sister Drummond
New companions!
Sister Gomm & Sister Drummond

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