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Alrighty y’all this past week I have not felt like a missionary at all! You wanna know why? Because we have been doin TORNADO CLEAN UP for the past 2 weeks in Tupelo.

It is crazy down there, but they have asked the volunteers to stop coming for a while so they can get out and pick up all the debris that we have piled up. So we get a break, and can I just say, I am SO thankful because I am just exhausted! After we email today, we are going shopping then going back to our apartment to take a nice long nap, because I just can’t do another week without resting up a bit.

So besides clean up this past week, I just want to share an AMAZIN miracle that happened to us this past week. (: So Thursday Sister Gomm and I had gone to a smaller town within our area and this town is called Marietta. Let me just say, there is absolutely NOTHIN there. But we were there from 10:30 til 6:30. A member took us and out bikes and dropped us off. And we went tracting, ALL. DAY. LONG. Oh my goodness, y’all I was exhausted afterwards. So now the miracle comes!! We had gone to Marietta in hopes to expand our teaching pool. And we had gotten some return appointments but we weren’t sure how promising they were… so anyways, it’s about 6 and we decided it was time to call the member to come get us. But right before we did, our phone rings and it’s our recent convert in the ward and her sister is at her house asking all sorts of questions about the church and about God and what not. We were so excited!! We just a referral from a recent convert and when we got back to Booneville, we taught and now she is our new investigator!! Isn’t it just amazing! (: I was so happy and excited. I think it is great.

So that’s about it! Also I’m going to forward this video of the tornado! It’s insane y’all! Just a reminder, I was in it! But the Lord loves his missionaries! We are okay. (:

I love y’all and I hope all the dear mothers who read this had a FANTASTIC Mother’s Day.

Sister Jesselyn Drummond

This is the security video from St. Luke’s during the tornado.

Check out this video on YouTube:



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