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Well good mornin y’all!

I hope y’all have had a fantastic week! I don’t remember too much about my week except for a bit here and there.

First of all though, transfers are this Wednesday and I am stayin in Booneville where as my dear companion Sister Gomm will be going elsewhere… So we will be making the 3 hour drive to Birmingham to be at the transfer meeting by 10! Yikes.

Anyways, yesterday we had only 1 investigator come to church. ): So sad compared to the 5 that came last week! BUT! He was there. (: The funny thing about it though is that he was TOTALLY hung over… he told us too. It was funny. But again, at least he was there. (:

Something else amazing that happened yesterday that our Recent Convert in the ward got her patriarchal blessing yesterday! It was SO amazin! She was cryin I was cryin and it was just crazy. She told us there every so often she had her doubts about the church but when she received that blessing, she knew that it was from God, because the man giving her the blessing could have not known the things he said. It was so cool to see her testimony grow from it. (: Made me so happy!!! 😀

Well our investigator pool is like a rollercoaster! We recently weeded out our little bit that we had and now we are the up hill slope again….hopefully. We just went down and we are on the edge of coming back up. (: FUN!

One more thing, EVERYONE here smokes. Smokes something! And I just constantly smell of cigarettes and nasty stuff… We just go in and out of houses full of tobacco and smoke and ick! I finally admitted I had a problem. 😉 Some members were askin about it HA! Just kidding but it’s so sad to see such young people….younger than me….to be smoking!! They are throwing away their lives… It breaks my heart, but it also gives me hope because we are getting into all these homes! Positive thinking is the way to be. (:

That is about it y’all and I hope y’all have a great week! (:
Remember my address for letters is:

205 Jefferson St. #113

Booneville, MS

For packages it’s:

C/O Murphy’s

300 N 3rd St.

Booneville, MS

Love y’all!!

Sister Jesselyn Drummond


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