Transfers, Spiritual Experiences, and 9 Months!?

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Alrighty y’all, this past week was transfers and Sister Gomm is now in Montgomery! I now have with me the amazing, fantastic, beautiful Sister Brunner! I love her so much and I had actually met her before and the crazy thing is that when we first met each other we had felt a connection with each other! and another crazy thing is that ever since I first met her, I had always wanted to be her companion! Wow who knew!!??! I guess God did. (:

Anyways, this week has been awesome so far! I can learn so much from Sister Brunner! She literally talks to EVERYONE! I love it. Because that is my BIGGEST weakness. I always feel so awkward, because you know talking to random people on the street or in the store is really really hard, and then add in trying to relate that to the gospel. Yikes. But the experience I wanted to share this week has to do with well, that God puts his prepared children in your path! (:

So we were walking back to our apartment from a less active’s house and the Zone Leaders called us, I answered the phone and was talking to them. Then this man, named Fredrick, walked out of this house so Sister Brunner waved and then it went a little something like this:

(I had walked away for a second to continue the conversation with ZL’s)

Orange is both of us


 “Hey, What are ya’ll up to?” 
“We are Missionaries for Jesus Christ’s Church”
 “Oh really! Tell me more about your church.”
 “Well, believe in Prophets restored to the earth and in Personal Revelation from Heavenly Father to his Children”
 “Is that it?”
 “HAHA No.. We also Beleive..”
Sister Drummond came in at this point (off the phone with the Zone Leaders)..
 “Wait, are you a Mormon? What is a Mormon anyway?”
 “Excellent Question! (Then we pulled out a Book of Mormon showed him the cover page, explained the story using the pictures, and bore testimony about prophets being on the earth today)”
 “Wow, I like this church. I am going to get me one of those Books Sometime”
 “Here, you can have this one!” 
“What?! For Real?!” (BIG SMILE!!)
 “Yes, Sir and you can have this picture of Jesus Christ talking with the children, AND our card that has the website you can go to to learn more about the church. Can we get your number so we can contact you and meet up with you some other time?”

So now, it probably wasn’t said, EXACTLY like that, but it was the general idea. The point was that HE started talking to us and HE asked all the questions, HE wanted to know more. It was so exciting! We like to call these Emmaus experiences. Meaning, that on the road to Emmaus in the Bible two men were walking and Jesus Christ,after he is resurrected, begins walking with him, but the men don’t realize that it is Christ. Only after Christ leaves did they realize that it was Him who was walking with them. You can read about this story in Luke 24:13-32. Great story! (: 

Last part of the letter, this Wednesday, y’all I will have been out for 9 stinkin months!! Yikes. I really can NOT believe that, because, that is my halfway mark. I’ve only got 9 months left now! Scary thought isn’t it?? 

Well that is it for now y’all! 

Have a great week and I hope to hear from y’all soon! (: 

Sister Jesselyn Drummond


2 thoughts on “Transfers, Spiritual Experiences, and 9 Months!?

    robinobishop said:
    July 3, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    God bless you both from a complete stranger.

      Jesselyn's Mom responded:
      July 4, 2014 at 12:11 am

      I thank you kindly. (From Sister Drummond’s mother.)

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