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Not enough time….BUT!!

Yesterday, we went to a wedding!?  That was so much fun! (: An investigator of ours got married to a member! YAY! So hopefully soon she will join our church! It was so great to see them both together! So special! Sister Brunner and I were the food servers! She asked if we could be and of course we said yes! (: So we got some cute yellow dresses that were really cheap! And it was just fun. (: I’m glad we could help out!

On Saturday, we helped with a baptism and we were asked to do the musical number and let me tell y’all I had a solo…yes little ol’ Sister Drummond had a solo and she totally nailed it!!! (: We have a recording of the song we sang so maybe I can send it! But ignore how it ends….hehe.

What else to say is that, this week went by too fast! Really…it did. I don’t know what happened and where it went, I just know that it is behind me now…

One more thing… transfer calls are this Saturday! Yikes! Any guesses on whether I am stayin or leavin?? I’ll let y’all know next week! (: Have a good one!

Love y’all!

Sister Jesselyn Drummond  (:


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Guess what y’all!!

If you read the topic, then you’ve guessed it! (: WE GOT A BAPTISM!!
This is Jordan and he is so sweet! I am so proud of him and his decision to be baptized.
I just want to say that this baptism would not have happened without the Lord’s hand. There was so much that was tryin to stop this baptism from happening! When Sister Brunner and I first got to the church, there was a man in the parking lot who we knew was a druggie and we are not allowed to be alone with this man, so we parked our car on the other side of the building and ran inside! It was kinda scary because we were watching him from the inside out and he went to EVERY single door that the church has and he banged on them so loudly and ferociously…it was kinda scary. So Sister Brunner and I got kinda locked in the church and were sneaking around so this man wouldn’t see us. We called our Bishop and he took care of the situation, but after that little problem, we had another problem! We could NOT get the printer to work! We were tryin to print off programs and wow, it did not want to work for us…eventually, with 15 minutes til the baptism started we got them to work!!!(YAY!) But the next problem, Jordan forgot his extra under clothing and towel! Oh man, did we feel awful! Once again, it all worked out with a member bringing a towel ‘just in case!’  *PHEW* The baptism started and it was going well, then was it time for the actual service, and bless his heart, the poor Elder who was baptizing Jordan, slipped on the stairs walking into the baptismal font…he told us that he now has giant bruise on his leg…Awful! But now, Jordan is baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Wow! What a wonderful experience!
Also, whoever built our church’s baptismal font did a terrible job because when you think of a tub, the water slopes TOWARDS the drain right? Well not here! It slopes AWAY from it…So guess what we got to do after everyone left?? We squeegeed it!! HAHAHA! It was fun. (:
I love my God. He is my Father and I know I can rely on him for anything! My thanks are to Him and His son, Jesus Christ, and of course all of y’all who have kept me in their prayers. I love y’all so much!! Have a great week and remember to stay close to our Heavenly Father!!
With much Love and Gratitude,
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
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Alrighty y’all! The main thing that we did this week was VISIT THE AMISH!!! Who knew?? It was the craziest! We went to Michie, Tennessee to visit the Amish…

Can I just say wow. It completely blew my mind! It was so weird. You know when you meet someone from a foreign country and they are like an outsider? Let me just tell y’all, I never thought I would feel like an outsider in my own country! The men look like people from Joseph Smith’s time! It was so cool and weird! They just keep to themselves, very quiet people. Also, funny story for y’all!
Sister Brunner and I were looking through some produce at this one house and you know when you can just feel someone watching you?? Well we both had that feelin! We turned around and realized there was this guy watching us!! It was very weird…later, when we were leaving this particular house, an amazing member, Sister Larsen told us that he was giving us ‘the eye’ it was the most awkwardest and weirdest thing I had ever experienced! BUT! We got some homemade apple butter that is DELICIOUS!! I would eat it all day if I could!
So anyways that was super fun and another funny/sad thing…I have lost 5 pounds!! But now I can’t get past that 5 pounds! Sister Brunner and I have been eatin so healthy! (: Lots of veggies and fruits(veggies are from the Amish!). But wow, it is so good! We have to make up for all the fried food we eat! Yikes!
But anyways, I’ll send some pictures! I love y’all and have a great week! Remember to stay steadfast in Christ!!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
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Happy 4th!

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Well I forgot to wish y’all a Happy 4th of July last week I think…So here it is this week just a little late! (:

There. (:
So anyways, we had a good week! It was very full of stuff that I really don’t remember what we did. I remember that on the 4th we had zone training, which was a very good meeting! The spirit was there and I learned a ton from other missionaries! Also, the Booneville missionaries (that is me, my companion, and the elders) did a musical number! It was fun haha. But after we got back into Booneville we went to a members home and we ate hot dogs and grilled corn and let me tell y’all, the south has THE BEST baked beans in the world haha. It was really good!
After that, we went to ANOTHER members home and ate even more! But this time, we ate dough burgers, and for those of y’all who don’t know what a dough burger is, which should be most of y’all…a dough burger is hamburger meat and well dough mixed together and cooked. The dough in the meat makes the meat last longer so you can have more burgers! It is really good. (: And again really good baked beans and for desert, HOMEMADE peanut butter Oreo ice cream and HOMEMADE peach cobbler. Oh my my my, it is so good. I’m just sayin, I haven’t gained 15 pounds because I’m lazy! It is all this delicious food that I can’t stop eatin hahaha!
So anyways, we had a good week and Booneville is really startin to pick up! We have great investigators! One of our amazing investigators we are helpin to quit smoking. She is so on board and ready to quit! (: I’m so excited. Other investigators we have are strugglin with some real intent. But that is okay! We will teach them what ‘real intent’ is. (:
I hope y’all are having a great summer! I know where I am at…it is so HUMID and so HOT!! Yum sticky goodness haha
Have a great week y’all!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond

Hump Day

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Happy Hump Day to my beautiful daughter. I love and miss you.

I called a gift and florist shop in her town and they made up a personal gift basket and delivered it to her.

The pictures are taken by the Larsen family. They had her and her companion over to dinner.

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