Hump Day

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Happy Hump Day to my beautiful daughter. I love and miss you.

I called a gift and florist shop in her town and they made up a personal gift basket and delivered it to her.

The pictures are taken by the Larsen family. They had her and her companion over to dinner.

1979508_10204253196155162_8015602696691827487_n 10382880_10204253242356317_2817660527401115791_n 10448778_10204253223835854_6690496169668760409_n 10455578_10204253212515571_5625484212654506359_n 10470827_10204253221235789_8754154331542900618_n 10501898_10204253209435494_4137156856071915740_n 10505326_10204253236316166_5270524625325358132_n

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