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Alrighty y’all! The main thing that we did this week was VISIT THE AMISH!!! Who knew?? It was the craziest! We went to Michie, Tennessee to visit the Amish…

Can I just say wow. It completely blew my mind! It was so weird. You know when you meet someone from a foreign country and they are like an outsider? Let me just tell y’all, I never thought I would feel like an outsider in my own country! The men look like people from Joseph Smith’s time! It was so cool and weird! They just keep to themselves, very quiet people. Also, funny story for y’all!
Sister Brunner and I were looking through some produce at this one house and you know when you can just feel someone watching you?? Well we both had that feelin! We turned around and realized there was this guy watching us!! It was very weird…later, when we were leaving this particular house, an amazing member, Sister Larsen told us that he was giving us ‘the eye’ it was the most awkwardest and weirdest thing I had ever experienced! BUT! We got some homemade apple butter that is DELICIOUS!! I would eat it all day if I could!
So anyways that was super fun and another funny/sad thing…I have lost 5 pounds!! But now I can’t get past that 5 pounds! Sister Brunner and I have been eatin so healthy! (: Lots of veggies and fruits(veggies are from the Amish!). But wow, it is so good! We have to make up for all the fried food we eat! Yikes!
But anyways, I’ll send some pictures! I love y’all and have a great week! Remember to stay steadfast in Christ!!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
DSCF9023 DSCF9031

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