Miracles and more miracles!!! Transfers!?

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Well, I don’t really know where to start! This has been such a FANTASTIC week!!

My first miracle that I want to share, on Saturday, we got a text on our phone from a random number that we didn’t know and it said, ‘Is this Jesselyn or Danielle?’ I was kinda freaking out! We found out that it was a Texas number so I was really confused first of all because I was no longer with Sister Gomm. Anyways…I found out that it was a guy we met in Tupelo during the tornado cleanup and he was from Texas. His name is Bryce We had talked to him about the church only a little bit. We kept in contact with him for a little bit after and he even went to church in Tupelo! But soon after we lost all contact with him for about 3 months….til Saturday! Come to find out, he was texting us and telling us thank you for introducing him to the church because he is now attending the ward in Westpoint, Texas and he is going to get baptized this weekend!! Wow it was so exciting!! It was amazing to see that I am getting to do missionary work ALL OVER!! (:
Next miracle! SO our mission president has been really pushing us on ‘unplanned invites’ meaning, we have to ‘OPEN OUR MOUTHS’ and TALK TO EVERYONE. Well, even as a missionary, it is hard to talk to people about the gospel. I have been struggling with it for literally my entire mission!! BUT last Tuesday, we had our interviews with good ol’ President Hanks! And wow, I love that man almost as much as my own daddy, he is so inspiring and said exactly what I needed to hear! Because the miracle is that Sister Brunner and I talked to 101 people this week! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! I am doing it and I am sharing the gospel to everyone. I am a Disciple of Christ. This week has been super busy!
3rd miracle! Yesterday, after the very sad Church service, we had gotten a call from a member telling us that she had some relatives at her house who were asking about the church! So of course, we dropped everything and drove over!! And can I just say, WOW!! The woman we met, her name is Marilyn and she is so prepared to receive the Restored Gopsel!! She had tons of questions, and the spirit was so strong! She accepted everything we said, she WANTS to be baptized. She WANTS to be married and sealed for all eternity in the house of the Lord. She WANTS this. Wow. Amazing. We set a baptismal date for the 23rd of this month. Y’all it was a blessing to see someone else make that commitment right before I leave!
Whoever the next sister is in Booneville is going to have her hands full. Great things are happening here and I am so grateful for my time that I was able to serve here. My time is up and I am needed somewhere else! 
Also, Sister Brunner and I went biking this week, and it was a 12 mile bike ride!! WOW! I was dead afterwards haha. And boy was it hot! (:
I love y’all and have a great week!
 p.s. Sorry y’all! I forgot to mention that I am getting transferred!! Ha. Wednesday I will be in a new area with a new companion! So PLEASE HOLD ALL MAIL TIL NEXT WEEK!  I love y’all! (:
***First picture of a frog we found squished on the ground…everything came out it’s mouth…we hope that is now in frog heaven. (:

The Hill Billy Mall!! That is a great flea market where EVERYTHING is so cheap. (:
And I am now leaving BooneVegas!
IMG_0069 IMG_0065 IMG_0074 IMG_0080 IMG_0084 IMG_0098

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