Miscelaneous Pictures from Booneville

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A few odds and ends pictures I found from her stay in Booneville, Mississippi.

Apparently Sister Drummond grew that green pepper they’re drinking from. Shocking to her mama.

Fare thee well and God Bless.


13893_10204501630485865_8409115829233009307_n 1546412_10204501625765747_8921365642265468016_n 10407265_10204501634365962_1889552631640912908_n 1560753_10204501709767847_6507920158574608137_n 10561614_10204501648966327_3526922797891025394_n 1972269_320468348120478_4869354213139178164_n 10505503_10204253300437769_5524933050709914022_n 10250321_10204510573189427_8707571727078794965_n 10403329_10204510593149926_9114967014886017906_n 10472734_10204510576469509_4701672377252848749_n 10474269_10204510568429308_3611389883768505819_n 10513307_10204510583149676_7145386462028960796_n 10599397_10204510597030023_7074281655235247578_n Last Lunch


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