Crazy events. Happy Labor Day!!! Happy Anniversary parents!! (:

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My dearest family and friends,
Just so y’all know, today is my parents wedding anniversary! (:
This week, we had some interesting things happen to us!
First of all, we saw another roadkill…this time it was a possum and it was RECENT! It was gross haha. (: I’m pretty sure we had some people starin at us takin pictures by it.
On Wednesday we went on exchanges and I went to Columbus for the day! It was fun. I found more pennies to add to my collection. (:
Thursday we went to one of our investigators FOOTBALL game. And now, if y’all don’t know, Southerners are VERY serious about their  football. And now let me also mention, this was a high school football game. The cheerleaders were AWFUL! Sister Platt and I wanted to go down and show them how it is supposed to be, keep in mind, I was not a cheerleader!! The actual game was REALLY GOOD! I mean, that team was amazing haha. I don’t remember much of what happened because I was so distracted by how badly the cheerleaders cheers were…and it was just so different. It brought sweet memories from high school though. 😛 AND Sister Platt and I seemed to be like the ONLY white people there. It was so weird… (: But perks of bein in the south.
Hahahaha oh Friday, it was our investigators birthday and wow. Was that fun. She invited us over for her party, just a small get together at her place. And once again, can I just say how much I love the South! (: I was very happy because she told her friends not to drink or swear or anything while we there. Who knows what happened when we left… ): BUT while we were there nothing bad happened. But boy, I will always remember that birthday party.
Saturday was so great!!! It was the Prairie Arts Festival!!! It happens every year on Labor Day weekend and it was HUGE! I have never seen West Point so hoppin! People every where! It was a good day, in the beginning. Eventually these HUGE thunder clouds came rollin in and while we were tracting…it just down pours. We were soaked!! Literally. All my make up was coming off. So then we had to go back to the apartment and get changed and dry off. After that, we went back to the festival to see if anyone needed help packing up, because more storms were coming. And boy did they come. It started pouring AGAIN!!! So for the second time, Sister Platt and I got DRENCHED. But while we were walkin around in the pourin down rain we actually met a less active member! We taught him a good lesson and invited him to church. (: Then, after, we went BACK to the apartment had to change everything again and when it is Saturday and you change 3 times in one day, you get creative with your outfits ha.
Then finally come Sunday. I just love the Sabbath! Church starts and the chorister isn’t there so guess who gets to lead for the 2nd week!? ME! (: I led all 4 songs again in sacrament meeting. (: Then of course, Sister Platt and I gave our talks and if y’all know me, I did cry. Only a little though. (: Then they had asked me to say the closing prayer!! You have just got to love servin in a small branch. (:
Well that is the week in a nutshell. I love West Point! (:
Have a great week y’all!!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
Ps. I will send pictures next week! Stay tuned. (:

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