Trials and Tribulations

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Alrighty y’all, this week was a bit rough, but has that gotten me down!? OF COURSE NOT!! Because this is the Lord’s work and it’s not all easy sailing now!
So Monday, Monday I would say was the worst. First we found out that our only PROGRESSING investigator BLOCKED us. Say what!? It was horrible! Both Sister Platt and I wanted to cry. Like no joke. Then later, we found out that another one our investigators thinks we are STALKING her?? Okay…well good feeling of preparation day GONE. Yikes. So the end of the day, finally comes and we begin our planning session with long faces from the day’s events and because we have absolutely NO PLANS for the next day when all of a sudden, we get a text from another investigator sayin, “Hey ladies, is there a time in y’alls schedule this week that we can meet?’ Alright, pause, what just happened!? AN EMMAUS EXPERIENCE just happened that’s what! (: The Lord gave us that boost we needed to continue on. It was so nice of Him! (: AMAZING!
Tuesday we went on a team up and just a funny quote for the day! Sister Swift(the member) said, “By ‘Grace’ we are saved.” and then Sister Platt said, “PREACH IT!!” Because Sister Platt’s first name is Gracie. So cute. (:
Wednesday I was blessed to go to an endowment session of the amazing April Cook! It was a year since she was baptized and EXACTLY a year later she was endowed. It was so amazing to see such a beautiful strong woman go through the temple for herself. I am so proud of her and I love her dearly! (: It was a great day!
Sunday was they next awesome day. Of course if was fast Sunday so it was testimony meeting! And it was so good! So many people got up and bore their testimonies about missionary work! The branch is doin good and their hearts are softening. Slowly, very slowly the walls are coming down and they will soon be excited about doing missionary work always! (:
By the way, I forgot to say last week that I tried this really weird stuff called souse. I will explain what it is. They take the head of a pig and let it soak in vinegar and then when all the meat falls off they take the skull out and the meat separately. They pack the meat very close together and then slice it. Very gross….and I tried it. Never again will I. (:
I love y’all so much! Oh and transfer calls are this Saturday! Hold the mail NEXT week til I email and let y’all know if I’m stayin in West Point or getting transferred. I think I am stayin. But JUST IN CASE! (:
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
Families ARE Forever
Drowned Sisters Drummond and Platt
A little water never hurt anyone
Shampoo, rinse, repeat
Shampoo, rinse, repeat
Getting wet naturally
She’s singing in the rain
Meow. Here kitty, kitty
Meow. Here kitty, kitty
Sister Drummond, April Cook, Erica Leahman, Callie Denning
Sister Drummond, April Cook,  Sister Denning, Hermana Smith
Sister Drummond and April Cook
Sister Drummond and April Cook
Putting on the armor of God
Putting on the armor of God
Rain rain go away
Rain rain go away
This is the Church, this is the steeple...
This is the Church, this is the steeple…

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