Lots of New Adventures

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Hey y’all! It’s going to be short this week!
As all of y’all know transfers occurred on Wednesday and I got my new baby missionary! (: Sister Merriam is full of sparks and so much energy! She is excited to be a missionary and I can’t wait to see what this transfer has in store for us! (:
Saturday we had dinner at a members house and we had a ‘greenie’ meal. Don’t tell….(: Sister Merriam’s food was all and COMPLETELY green. HA it was so fun and she took it like a champ. (: I am so proud of her and all that she does. She is pro-missionary already. (:
Sunday had an amazing experience happen! We finally went back to see this woman, Teresa and we found out she has met with missionaries before!! We have a set appointment with her to go back on Tuesday! I am so excited! She may not have been then, but her heart is definitely softer then it was! I can’t wait to begin teaching her!!
Also some Funnies!
I told Sister Merriam that I needed to marry someone who liked the Walking Dead so we can watch it together…(one day)…. and she said, “You can have walking dead babies!!!” Y’all it was SO funny. (: I died.
Sister Merriam was also caught in a stare on Thursday and she said, “Sorry, sometimes, my eyes just get stuck.”
Tuesday when I was still with Sister Platt, I was singing really loudly and very badly in the car and she turns towards me and says, “Hush you obnoxious weed.” Again, I died. Also while we were tracting on Tuesday Sister Platt says, “I need to relieve my waters.” I love how casually she says these things! I’m gunna start sayin that y’all. (:
Another funny thing that happened on Thursday! We were on team-ups with the Nickersons! A storm comes blowin in and we are stuck in this little car with a plate of cookies in front of this less active’s home who is NOT there. Well we wanted to leave the cookies for them with a note so they know who it is from, and we obviously wanted the note to stay dry so we were each looking for something to cover the plate with when Sister Nickerson yells “I have a diaper! A clean one!” Brother Nickerson says, “That’ll do!” First of all, why they have a diaper in their I’m not sure, because they are an older couple, and second the fact that she yelled a clean one?? Hmm….So Brother Nickerson puts the diaper over the plate of cookies and runs! As he is running back we see through the water smeared windows that he has the diaper on his head!! Now this is an odd sight for a brand new missionary who just got into the field! And I’m just dying in the corner laughing my head off. (: I love the South! (:
Well that is it for now y’all! Have a great week and remember to stay STEADFAST IN CHRIST!!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
I signed the wall!
I signed the wall!
Sister Merriam and I in a cotton field! (:
Sister Merriam and I in a cotton field! (:
Oh how I love the South! (: Beautiful right??
Oh how I love the South! (: Beautiful right??
I love God's creations!
I love God’s creations!

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