BEST WEEK EVER #miracles!

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Y’all this is been one of THE best weeks I have had on my mission!
I already typed most of the stuff to my mission president so I’m just gunna copy and paste and make some adjustments. (:
Thanks also to those who have reminded me of how long I have been out! (: But for those who don’t know ha. I hit my YEAR MARK this Thursday! 6 months more to go! Yikes. ):
Alright so this week, let me just say, WOW! so many miracles! Sister Merriam has so much faith! It has really helped to increase mine. Saturday was the day of our many MANY miracles.
The first miracle: we had come back to together from exchanges with our wonderful Sister Training Leaders! When we found out, neither one of us read from the Book of Mormon so we decided to do that really quick to keep caught up. We had just started I was mid sentence when all of a sudden Sister Merriam says, “Sister Drummond, I’m sorry, but I really feel like someone needs our help right now!” I was like ‘alright let’s go!’ She kept apologizing for stopping our reading when I said, “Stop apologizing, this is someone’s soul we are talkin about!” So we knelt in prayer of where we should go and Sister Merriam had the thought to go to Dollar General! Odd place right? Well, West Point has two D.G’s so I asked her ‘left or right?’ And she said right! So off we went! We get there, said another quick prayer before we went in and then we were on the hunt! We talked to a few people but none of them seemed like they needed our help….AND THEN we see her. She looked so beautiful! She had a dress on and some really cute shoes. We walked a little closer to her and then I complimented her shoes. Bingo, we were in! We had a FANTASTIC conversation with her. Her name is Doris. Now Doris was thanking us for making her feel good and brighten her day, when Sister Merriam said “Doris we want to let you know that we were led here by God to meet you. He wants you to know that He loves you. We are here to help you with whatever you need.” This is when Doris started getting teary eyed and just goes off with how she had been praying for God to send someone who could help her. AND! Get this, she gave us a referral! Wow it was so neat! We exchanged contact information and she agreed to call us later. We had full faith she would! And what do you know, she did! The same day actually! We set up a time to go see her this Friday! We are so excited. (:
The second miracle: It was after the Women’s broadcast and we had TEN MINUTES LEFT! So I said, “Let’s go get some gas because tomorrow is Sunday and we can’t get any tomorrow anyways!” So we did. We wanted to get just 1 contact while at the gas station. We pulled in. There was one car on one side of us and no one to the other side of the pump. But then wow, someone pulls in on the other side of the pump! We were scrambling for a card! The woman gets out and of course she is wearing an adorable dress!! So what did I do? I complimented it! This is where I feel bad for Elders. It would be really creepy for them to compliment people. But right then and there, we met Clarissa! We gave her a Book of Mormon! Read 2 Nephi 25:26 with her and she told us she was going to read it THAT NIGHT!! Sister Merriam and I KNOW she did. She was so excited! She felt the spirit and was so happy! She kept telling us that she loved her new found friends! (: So happy!
Now is the third and craziest miracle of the night: We drove home and are doing miles when Sister Merriam says, “where is the gas card?” Uh oh. We start looking around, Sister Merriam picks everything off her lap looks under in between all the papers, then she gets up so everything that would have been in her lap would have fallen out and checks to see if she was sitting on it. Nope it wasn’t there… She sits back down, looks at her lap and says, “Oh! Here it is!….What the?” Y’all, we have no idea where that card came from! It was not in her lap before! Miracles! Don’t y’all just love them? (:
Also, shout out to my Aunt Dawn! I TOTALLY SAW YOU IN THE CHOIR!!! I had JUST looked up from taking notes, gasped! My companion looks at me and asked if  I was alright. I told her, “I think I just saw my aunt!” So thank you for confirming to me that it really was you!!! (: So neat! And for those of you who have not seen the General Woman’s Conference, need to see it, ASAP! Go to and look it up! It will change your life. I did me and I have a great desire to serve my Father, who I know loves me unconditionally and perfectly. (:
Have a good one y’all! Remember I love y’all!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
P.S Pictures will be sent next week! (:

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