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How was y’alls Thanksgivings?? I am very disappointed I only got 2 people reply and tell me what they are thankful for. Y’all are NOT very thankful people…. ūüėČ Ha, just kidding. I know it’s hard to reply. I understand!
So here is some cool thinks that happened with my week.
Thursday of course was Thanksgiving and we had 2 meal appointments! One for lunch and one for Dinner. We had lunch at some members which was DELICIOUS! And then dinner was perfectly timed when our food from lunch and created enough room in stomachs to add more food! But we had it at an investigators house. (: THAT WAS SO FUN! They are so adorable. It was kinda small, but fun. (:

We had a good lesson with our new investigators on Saturday! They are awesome. She, Glenda, posed the question of where her child is because she had a 2 week old baby pass away. Oh my gosh y’all the spirit was so strong!!! We talked about how it is okay to ask questions and we talked about Moroni 8. Then he, CJ, came in the room and we had a completely different lesson with him and just plainly introduced the Book of Mormon to him. He asked, “How do I get one?” I always love that question. (: We gave them one because that is all we had at that moment. But see Glenda lives in Selmer, TN and comes down pretty much every weekend to be with CJ because they are dating. So we don’t know how this is going to work out.
A lot of our investigators have fallen a little because of Thanksgiving and people going out of town, but that is okay, we were able to set up appointments for this week! (: Good things are happening!
This week I was able to see how much I really have grown over my mission. We went on exchanges and I had started the conversation with every unplanned invite we had gotten for that day. And that night when I was saying my nightly prayer I realized that I never would have done that near the beginning of my mission. It was just really cool. I am so grateful for my mission and for being able to see the change I’ve made. I hate to have a ‘brag on myself’ moment, but I was just so happy and grateful! I don’t even know how to express it! I am also so grateful for all the sisters in my zone that I get to go on exchanges with because I learn so much form each of them! I get to see them grow and also myself. (: SO GREAT!!!

That’s about it y’all! I hope y’all stayed alive on Black Friday! I know we did. (: ¬†Have a fantastic week y’all and one more thing.
Go to and watch the new Christmas ‘He is the Gift’¬†initiative!¬†
It is the best thing ever!! I cried! Just a warning. (:
Love y’all so much!!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
P.S Sorry for no pictures again…another sister has my SD card reader… /:

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