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Well, this transfer is already over! o: Transfers are Wednesday and Sister Wittwer is headed out…. ): I am very sad, but I know she is going to be great where ever she goes! (:

So anyways, this week was AWESOME!! The Lord is so cool, let me just say that. Life has been good and He has showed me and Sister Wittwer some AWESOME miracles!! It has been so good! (:
First our investigator Addine has been progressing and she is phenomenal! (: She came to church yesterday and brought her 22 year old son, Joe. We haven’t actually started teaching Joe yet, but we plan on it soon! Addine is so great! She has been reading from the Book of Mormon diligently and when we taught her about the Plan of Salvation she said she was mind blown! She said it was familiar to her and she never wants to forget it. Y’all some people in the south get taught that they won’t know their family in heaven. It’s quite sad. So the Plan of Salvation gave her reassurance and she said that everyone needs to know about it! I am so grateful for that lesson and for the Lord being so kind and softening her heart. (:
We also had our Recent Convert  MJ invite a friend to church, which he did and we are hopefully gunna start teaching him too! (: The Lord is working hard y’all! (:
Another cool thing happened yesterday! (: Sister Wittwer and I had some free space in our schedule, so we decided to go tracting! Whooo! And ALWAYS, with out fail, missionaries in general seem to always get that feeling of ‘I don’t want too’ …and we did, I got ‘super tired’ all of a sudden and did that stop me!? NO! Try again Satan. 😉 But we went tracting and the first door we knocked on wasn’t too interested but they told us to stop by their neighbors so naturally we did. Alrighty y’all, hold on to your britches! We met, Kayla she was so cool!!! She invited us in and started talking about this and that…we found out a lot of hard trials that Kayla has been going through and we asked her why she thought God sent us to her and she said, ‘Because of what I’m going through right now.’ Wow…y’all I can testify that I know that is true! God loves us!! (: But the other cool thing about Kayla is that she has met with missionaries before!! WOW! We invited her to learn more AGAIN and we have a return appointment on Thursday! SO COOL!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!! I LOVE HIM! Her heart has slowly been softened. (: 
Today even we met another person who has met missionaries! It’s so crazy, the Lord really is working hard with helping us as a mission reach our goal of 500 baptisms by the end of the year. (:
Another small miracle and testimony builder for me. But first, story time, I promise it will connect. 
So Saturday Sister Wittwer and I had the pleasure of going to a Christmas Program that a very well known baptist church put on and we had some potential investigators in it so that is why we went, also to show people that Mormons do things ha. BUT, while we there and were watching and listening, both Sister Wittwer and I had this overwhelming love for everyone. We knew that all of those thousands of people that were there loved Christ and then, the even cooler part was that we knew that Christ and God loved them all, ALL. It was so overwhelming to me that I just started crying. It was so cool! I am so grateful to serve in a place that I know these people love their Savior. Wow…. So yesterday, being fast Sunday, I had the STRONGEST impression that I needed to get up and share that experience and testify to everyone that God loved them. So I did. And when I did so, there was a woman in the ward(whom I love so much!) that got up right after me and bore testimony of missionary work. She said that everything I said was meant for her and that she needed to hear it. I know that we are truly instruments in God’s hands. He knows us perfectly and loves us unconditionally. It was so cool to see how much we,as missionaries especially, are used as tools. (: 
So that is my week! I hope y’all are enjoying the Christmas spirit!! (: If any of y’all didn’t watch the first presidency Christmas message, GO WATCH IT NOW!!! It’s on (: You will not regret it. Also if you haven’t looked up ‘He is the Gift’ yet either, WATCH THAT FIRST then the 1st presidency message. (: 
Love y’all so much!
Also for those of you who want to send things for Christmas, here is my address just in case you have lost it… (:
2690 McCullough Blvd #130
Belden, MS  38862
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
Can you tell I’m in Tupelo yet? 😉

IMG_0620 IMG_0621 IMG_0622

one more Elvis!
one more Elvis!
I found WALDO!!!! (:
I found WALDO!!!! (:
Thanksgiving!! Like my ugly sweater? ;)
Thanksgiving!! Like my ugly sweater? 😉
Temple fun! (:
Temple fun! (:
more temple fun! With the zone..most of it.
more temple fun! With the zone..most of it.
exchanges in Russellville again!
exchanges in Russellville again!

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