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Alrighty y’all! The interesting thing that happened this week was we had a baptism in our little box! (: Y’all are probably really confused right now! I was at first too, don’t worry haha.
We got a call from our ward mission leader on Tuesday, remember I haven’t been here very long at this point. Almost a week. But he told us that the Bishop’s granddaughter is getting baptized on Sunday and she is 9 years old…that means her baptism needs to go through the mission y’all. We were flabbergasted! This just does not happen!! Well we were able to teach sweet little Madeline, and her younger sister, Isabelle, who is 8, in 3 days! Yes, 3 days so they could be baptized together. (: It was the cutest little thing! Seeing the young girls make promises with God was a wonderful experience! (:
Also some numbers for y’all. I don’t remember if I explained ever before but our mission is doing this thing called the ‘hour of power.’ Where for 1 hour we just go crazy nutso bold and invite EVERYONE to be baptized. Or if we are focusing on a different key indicator it will be that. But this last week we were focusing on baptismal invitations. Now our goal as a mission was to get 2 thousand invites within 6 hours throughout the week. That is a lot. We as a zone decided to really push ourselves! Can I just say, I have not been more proud in my entire life!!! The Huntsville North zone started out on Tuesday with only 58 baptismal invites in 1 hour. We kept increasing and last night, a SUNDAY of all days…our goal was 200 baptismal invites in 1 hour. Y’all our zone, the Huntsville North zone in 1 hour got 318 baptismal invites!! SAY WHAT!?!?! We got a total of 872 invites for our zone in 6 hours! I’m just braggin on these missionaries now. (: THEY ARE SO AWESOME!! As a mission total, within 1 week in 6 hours we got a total of over 3 thousand. WE BLEW OUR GOAL OUT OF THE WATER!!!! Best mission ever!! I’m so excited to see how the Lord is going to bless us because of our hard work and boldness. (: SO COOL!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
Sister Crandall and I are just partyin here in our small box. (: We love it and can’t wait to see how else the Lord is going to bless us! (: Love y’all so much!! Keep on keepin on! Have a great week!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
Found this 'anointing' oil in a Christian shop! o:
Found this ‘anointing’ oil in a Christian shop! o:
Awesome mural of Jesus! (:
Awesome mural of Jesus! (:
EXCHANGES! (: Love these sisters!
EXCHANGES! (: Love these sisters!
Madeline’s baptism!! (:


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