Walkin in a Winter Wonderland!!

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Alrighty! I don’t have a lot time today because we are going to the Space and Rocket Museum with a member today so yea! But I wanted to share of our winter wonderland experience!

Okay, all week we had been hearing about the bad weather that was going to hit Friday in the afternoon. We asked random people on the streets about it, we talked to members, and we even checked our weather radio! It was to be cold ALL week. And yes, it was. Sister Crandall and I went walking and tracting in 17 degrees and lower because of the windchill…and let me just say, when it’s that cold outside with humidity….I felt like I was going to literally become Frozen….just like Ana. 😉
It’s a type of cold that just doesn’t sit outside of you, it literally will eat through all your layers and sting to your bones. It’s insane! But not even that can stop the work of the Lord! We had a lot of people tell us we were crazy!
There was one morning we turned on our weather radio to hear what it had to say for the day and it told us that: ‘The windchill could cause frostbite, hypothermia, and DEATH.’ Sister Crandall and I looked at each other with wide eyes and stunned faces. It was really funny. (:
I was also able to go on exchanges with Sister Conant this week! We were actually on exchanges when the snow hit so we were stuck inside most of our exchange. It was fun cause we got to sit and talk a lot about who knows what! (:
This week has been good! I have really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see what this week holds! More snow I hear! o:
I love y’all! Have a great week!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
ps. I will have to send pictures next week!

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