Got TP Anyone?

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So I totally don’t have very many pictures this week because I switched SD cards from my camera…oops? Oh well they are good pictures. (:
So this week, we obviously had transfers! I was sad to loose Sister Crandall but she went to one of the best places ever!!! Which is Tupelo Mississippi!! How fun! I love that place! She is going to rock it. (:
My new companion is Sister Nelson! She is from Elwood, Utah. When I asked her where that was she said Tremonton…I think that is how that is spelled??? I don’t even know. But she is wonderful! She was trained by Sister Brunner so we have that companion in common! I can’t remember if there is anymore haha. Oh well.
So the fun stuff that happened this week! The first day we were together! An ice storm hit and let me tell y’all, EVERYTHING iced over. Also, the funny thing, we ran out of toilet paper that day.. /: So we decided to walk to Krogers which is only right across the street from our apartment complex and guess what!? IT WAS CLOSED!!!! So we went all day without any toilet paper, we had to use paper towels, let me just say, those aren’t the softest things… (: But we decided to go ice skating in the parking lot because there was a big layer of ice over almost the entire thing! It was so fun and poor Sister Nelson totally biffed it!! It was HILARIOUS!!!! We had fun. (:
We went tracting a lot this week and got a good amount of potentials to start teaching. We just have to go back! Also, church was so fun!!! I think it was the most interesting Relief Society I have ever attended. We had someone say that she thinks she is as close to perfect as she can get without being resurrected. IT was interesting. But other than that. We had an excellent week!
I look forward to seeing what this week will hold! Not sure about the weather yet, but that won’t stop us right!? (:
I love y’all so much! Have the best week ever!! If you are struggling, remember to breathe, pray and rely on the Lord! (:
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
This cool door mat we saw while tracting! o:
This cool door mat we saw while tracting! o:
Our new investigator! His name is Ape!
Our new investigator! His name is Ape!
APE! 😀

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