One Year Older and Wiser Too??

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First of all, I want to thank y’all so much for all the birthday wishes and letters! And thank you SO much to the Jepsens for the ‘birthday party in a box!’ It was very thoughtful. For those of y’all who have no idea what I’m talking about…SHAME ON YOU!!! Haha nah, I just kiddin. But yesterday was the 24th and that was a glorious day because 20 years ago, I popped into the world! Wonderful! (:
Also, my amazin beautiful companion decorated our apartment for my birthday! She made me breakfast, (crepes) and as I walked downstairs she was flickering the lights and singing to me hahaha. I just love her!! It was a special day!
So besides my fabulous Sabbath birthday, we had an investigator show up to churh! Yay! And I also got a birthday present from the branch…it comes in the form of: ‘Next week is the 5th Sunday, guess who gets to speak!’ So yes, Next Sunday I will be getting to speak! I am actually quite excited. (:
Anyways, This past week has been interesting, we have been out of our area 3 days out of the week, first of all we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders because they each had a doctors appointment on the same day and in different areas. So, that was a fun filled day of waiting!! But because we are missionaries, we related to the waiting process in a doctors office to the Plan of Salvation. It totally works. (: Just think about haha. And without technology…waiting for 4 hours can get VERY borin… Made me appreciate technology haha. (:
We also went to Tupelo for zone conference which as always was VERY good and spiritual. I just love learning from President Hanks and the leaders of our mission. (: Then the third day was Saturday where we got to go to a baptism in Sister Platt’s past area! That was fun! And I got to see Sister Larsen again! I just love her! (: It was fun spending time with her again. (: She took us to lunch afterwards for my birthday. So kind of her!
funny quotes this week by Sister Platt: “If that man were a girl, he would make a very nice model.” “I can’t wait til tomorrow’s planning! Every hour is going to say, ‘PARTY!'” I just love her! (:
I think that is all really. I have so much happen here I just cant remember it all. (: But I love y’all!! Thanks again for the birthday wishes! And have a BLESSED week!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
All these pictures were on my birthday! (: Haha!
IMG_0225 IMG_0227

Wearing one of the birthday shirts from the best mama in the world
Wearing one of the birthday shirts from the best mama in the world