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Hey Y’all!
Sorry for the inconvenience of the no letter last week….
But anyways, it is getting hot and it will only get hotter! This humidity is a killer just so y’all know! I come from a very dry DESERT! I thought I could handle heat. Boy was I wrong… I will just say, after I get home, I don’t think I will be wearing too many of the shirts that I brought out with me! ha.
Well, this week, I’m sorry, but it won’t be very long. We have had our teachin pool increase so much! I realized it just yesterday. It has been a great week and I feel like a very long one at that. But hey! Can y’all believe it’s already June! I for sure can’t! I realized that August is only 2 months away now…That is like 1 transfer away! Where is my time going!? ):
Well I have felt and seen myself grow in so many ways. I know that there needs to be an opposition to all things in order for us to learn and grow. We all have hardships and I know that our Heavenly Father wants to help us, if we only let him. Turn to your Heavenly Father in times of need, ask for help and guidance and I know that you will soon come to see the blessings of having faith in him.
I am here to do the Lord’s work. I am a representative of Jesus Christ. God has chosen me to help his children find the truth and guide them back to Him.
I love this Gospel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the church that I represent, The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. I love the Book of Mormon and its teachings. I am proud to be a Mormon.
Have a great week y’all and remember, stay STEADFAST IN CHRIST!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
P.S. Today is my 8 month mark….halfway through!? Yikes…
(Mom’s note – she actually has one more month before she’s reached her halfway mark.)