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Fender Bender and Transfers

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My goodness y’all this has been a great and crazy and calm week! (:

Can I first just say, I’M SO EXCITED!

Y’all! I’m finally getting transferred! I’m freaking out in a good way. Don’t get me wrong, I am sad because I am leaving. But I feel like I have done all I can in Hoover. My time is up! And I’m completely okay with that.

Transfers are this Wednesday so y’all will find out where I am next week! Unless you ask my mom at the end of this week! (:

So anyways. This week! Sister Dormer got sick on Tuesday, it was a restless night for the both of us! But that’s okay, I told her the next morning that it made me have a flash ‘forward’ to when I have kids….that was a little weird haha…

But! We stayed in Tuesday and Wednesday because she was not doing well. But she is better now. (:

Now skipping to Friday, we had district meeting in the mission home! Finally! But before that, this is where I told my mom not to freak out, we got hit! How crazy is that! We were just chilling in our car, PARKED IN A STALL, when a moving truck side scraped us! That was fun. They took complete blame for it though. Yay! It tore the rear bumper, right side, completely off! Ha. Our nice looking car doesn’t look so nice anymore! BUT we joke that we fit in with the rest of Alabama now! Ha.

Saturday we got to see the General Women’s Broadcast! Wow oh wow was that just amazing!? It makes me so so SO excited for General Conference! Made me cry! I am so glad to be a member of our Heavenly Father’s ETERNAL family. I am HIS daughter. And oh what a blessing it is to be his daughter!

Well that is about it for me this week!

Y’all will be hearing from me next week when I am out in the boonies somewhere! 😉

Have a great week y’all!

Sister Drummond




Bipolar Weather

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My goodness weeks are just crazy!

Can y’all believe another one has past?!?

And as y’all should know, Martin Luther King day was yesterday that’s why I’m emailing so late!

But anyways. I had a pretty good week. Could have been a bit better but I know that as I have been close to my Heavenly Father that he is helping me get through my trials.

So my companion, Sister Dormer is amazing, now that I have spent 2 weeks with her! We have so many good times. We have fun together. But we are also major power houses! All these children of God here in Hoover, Alabama need to watch out! 😉 Haha just kidding..

So here is something crazy! Yesterday (Monday) MLK Day, was a beautiful day! We had 66 degree weather! Oh my goodness haven’t had that for a LONG while! (: And then today guess what, a high of 33 degress… WHY DOES ALABAMA HAVE SUCH BIPOLAR WEATHER!?! I just want it to be nice and warm all the time. But we can’t all have everything we want…

But yea!

All is well in the Hoover, Alabama area!

I hope y’all are doin alright and I love y’all!


Sister Drummond