“Oh it’s MORMON? Maybe that’s why my boss was always so mad at me!”

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Isn’t life just a ray of sunshine?? Always warm and so kind. Greeting you with a nice smile each morning you wake up? Only until your feet hit the cold floor and Satan knows you are up! But that is why right after our feet hit the ground, our knees do!

We know that life gets rough, and that is why it is so important to pray to our Heavenly Father and ask for his guidance each and every day! (:

Alright, now let me explain the ‘subject’ of this message. (: Just yesterday we were invited in to this guy’s house where he kept calling us Norman’s and I just thought it was hilarious because I had never actually heard someone call us ‘Norman’s’ and I didn’t want to correct him right out front because I would just feel bad ha. But he kept telling us that he worked for a ‘Norman’ and that he didn’t think his boss liked him very much. He told us that he went in to work a few times on drugs but not everyday! When he was sayin something about us ‘Norman’s’ again, his fiance yelled at him ‘It’s MORMON, not Norman’ and he looked at her then back at us and said, ‘Ooooh it’s MORMON? Maybe that’s why my boss was always so mad at me!’ We died. It was so funny! I still get a kick outta it. (:

Anyways, how have y’all been doin? Me? I have been doin quite well! Our teaching pool has gotten so big! I really don’t remember the names of a lot of the people we have included…ha. It’s like when you have a small container of water and you keep adding water to that container… eventually that container is going to overflow! (Duh Sister Drummond) Well, that is our teaching pool right now. I feel like we have had to upgrade our container twice! May just be me though… I love Booneville, I really do. There is so much potential here and we just have to find it!! Yay! …

So another thing that happened!! One day this week we were walking! And we saw a sign that said ‘Yard sale —>’ Something to that extent…so anyways, we didn’t think it was very far and we headed to the yard sale to contact people! Well, the yard sale was a lot farther away than we intended! BUT! We finally made it! And lo and behold, the guy who was having it was a CHURCH OF CHRIST Preacher. For some odd reason we have been attracting Church of Christ members… So anyways, he actually invited us in and we taught him a good lesson! I don’t know how far it got, but hey, WE TAUGHT A PREACHER! (: It was an accomplishment. Also, I got a really cute skirt from the yard sale! 50 cents y’all! (:

But there is the Adventures of Sister Gomm and Sister Drummond this week! Hope y’all enjoyed it!
Have a splendid week! Have some fun in the sun for me now and remember I love y’all!!

Stay Steadfast in Christ!

Sister Drummond