Saint George

Snow In Saint George

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April told me last time I talked to her(last night) that St. George had a blizzard! That you told her I want to see it. I am seeing April today so I will get to see them! 😀
You showed the scouts me opening my letter? That’s so embarrassing! I look and sound funny. (:
Oh! But guess what! Our teacher in Gospel Principles class wasn’t there it was like a last minute thing and so Brother Farris (our ward mission leader) asked me to teach. I had about 10 minutes to prepare! And I did it during Sacrament Meeting! I was freaking out! I did it and my companion said I did a really good job ha. But Brother Farris said he normally picks on the newest missionary to teach as a sub but he really wanted me to do it because I told him I wanted to be a teacher and he just thought I would do a really good job. I hope it was up to his standard. But I guess it has helped being in front of 4th graders. 😉
I got my package. And just so you know…you sent the wrong comforter. I wanted the COMFORTER not the QUILT. I don’t even know where you found that one haha. But that’s okay. It works and I use it. I am much warmer either way. Sister Christensen isn’t letting me see what else is in the package until Christmas..except I got the letter from Elder Cotter’s friend and I kinda saw the scarf in there so I took it out and used it yesterday. I love that scarf! Except it gets me very hairy haha. But I still like it. So yea I still don’t know what else is in the package besides the chocolate orange I saw and the candy cane full of reeses. Always good. I thank you for sending it to me.
So yesterday was my real experience of Alabama rain! It rained ALL DAY! It did not stop at all ha. It may have lightened up some but still it didn’t stop. And so now all this humidity is in the air again where as before it was kinda dry. Now that is has been raining it’s full of humidity. My hair has been going wacko! HA which reminds me. Yesterday(Saturday night) night Sister Christensen french braided my hair so in the morning it would be wavy and by the end of the day yesterday I felt and look like Hermione! It was ridiculous ha. I had already kinda felt like her at first but it wast like definitely her by the end of the day. (: