Last week of transfers!!

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Welp, as said in my subject line of this email. This is the last week of the transfer, so y’all know what that means! I have transfer calls on Saturday! SO, DO NOT SEND ANY MAIL NEXT WEEK UNTIL AFTER MONDAY. Got it? (: Good.

This week was really good. We went tracting in the FREEZING cold. That was fun and awesome haha. We got a lot of potential investigators and I am really excited to go follow up with them all.
We went on exchanges with some sisters. The Amory sisters, which are Sister Robison and Sister Mason. Sister Mason came to Tupelo with me as Sister Allred went to Amory with Sister Robison. It was really fun. Now here’s a story! Sister Mason and I were tracting one morning and not having too much success because it’s a weekday. But that’s okay! So we decide to go get some lunch because I’m always hungry and there is a nice Chinese buffet on the side of town we were on that has a really nice deal for lunch. So we went! And while we were there, we had really yummy food and then at the end of our meal when we were stuffed beyond anything…we waited patiently for our check. And the waiter brought us our fortune cookies but no check. So we waited a little longer (it felt like forever) and finally the waiter came to and said, “your meal has already been paid for. I don’t know by who.” WHAT!???? Alrighty y’all, that NEVER happens here. It’s really rare. It’s not like we are in Utah and see members everywhere who will so willingly pay for missionary’s food. It was so amazing!! (: So to whomever it was! THANK YOU! (:
Then I went on exchanges with the Booneville sisters, Sister Smith and Williams. I went to Booneville with Sister Williams and Sister Smith came to Tupelo with Sister Allred. It’s always fun to go back to old areas. (: I forgot to get a picture with Sister Williams. ): There is a lot happening in Booneville and I am so happy to see the successes of the missionaries in that area. (:
Also!! During interviews with President Hanks…a pipe broke at the church so we were so lucky enough to clean up! Haha. Good thing we were there! o:
Well, that’s it for now y’all. I love y’all! Have the best week ever and remember, no mail next week…until AFTER Monday. (: Thank y’all!
Love forever,
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
Sister Mason and me at the Chinese buffet!
Sister Mason and me at the Chinese buffet!
Gifts to Sister Hanks! (It was her birthday!)
Gifts to Sister Hanks! (It was her birthday!)
Pipe break!!! o:
Pipe break!!! o:

Miscelaneous Pictures from Booneville

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A few odds and ends pictures I found from her stay in Booneville, Mississippi.

Apparently Sister Drummond grew that green pepper they’re drinking from. Shocking to her mama.

Fare thee well and God Bless.


13893_10204501630485865_8409115829233009307_n 1546412_10204501625765747_8921365642265468016_n 10407265_10204501634365962_1889552631640912908_n 1560753_10204501709767847_6507920158574608137_n 10561614_10204501648966327_3526922797891025394_n 1972269_320468348120478_4869354213139178164_n 10505503_10204253300437769_5524933050709914022_n 10250321_10204510573189427_8707571727078794965_n 10403329_10204510593149926_9114967014886017906_n 10472734_10204510576469509_4701672377252848749_n 10474269_10204510568429308_3611389883768505819_n 10513307_10204510583149676_7145386462028960796_n 10599397_10204510597030023_7074281655235247578_n Last Lunch


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Not enough time….BUT!!

Yesterday, we went to a wedding!?  That was so much fun! (: An investigator of ours got married to a member! YAY! So hopefully soon she will join our church! It was so great to see them both together! So special! Sister Brunner and I were the food servers! She asked if we could be and of course we said yes! (: So we got some cute yellow dresses that were really cheap! And it was just fun. (: I’m glad we could help out!

On Saturday, we helped with a baptism and we were asked to do the musical number and let me tell y’all I had a solo…yes little ol’ Sister Drummond had a solo and she totally nailed it!!! (: We have a recording of the song we sang so maybe I can send it! But ignore how it ends….hehe.

What else to say is that, this week went by too fast! Really…it did. I don’t know what happened and where it went, I just know that it is behind me now…

One more thing… transfer calls are this Saturday! Yikes! Any guesses on whether I am stayin or leavin?? I’ll let y’all know next week! (: Have a good one!

Love y’all!

Sister Jesselyn Drummond  (:


IMG_0010 IMG_0006 IMG_0005

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Hump Day

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Happy Hump Day to my beautiful daughter. I love and miss you.

I called a gift and florist shop in her town and they made up a personal gift basket and delivered it to her.

The pictures are taken by the Larsen family. They had her and her companion over to dinner.

1979508_10204253196155162_8015602696691827487_n 10382880_10204253242356317_2817660527401115791_n 10448778_10204253223835854_6690496169668760409_n 10455578_10204253212515571_5625484212654506359_n 10470827_10204253221235789_8754154331542900618_n 10501898_10204253209435494_4137156856071915740_n 10505326_10204253236316166_5270524625325358132_n

Missionary Work

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Alrighty y’all this past week I have not felt like a missionary at all! You wanna know why? Because we have been doin TORNADO CLEAN UP for the past 2 weeks in Tupelo.

It is crazy down there, but they have asked the volunteers to stop coming for a while so they can get out and pick up all the debris that we have piled up. So we get a break, and can I just say, I am SO thankful because I am just exhausted! After we email today, we are going shopping then going back to our apartment to take a nice long nap, because I just can’t do another week without resting up a bit.

So besides clean up this past week, I just want to share an AMAZIN miracle that happened to us this past week. (: So Thursday Sister Gomm and I had gone to a smaller town within our area and this town is called Marietta. Let me just say, there is absolutely NOTHIN there. But we were there from 10:30 til 6:30. A member took us and out bikes and dropped us off. And we went tracting, ALL. DAY. LONG. Oh my goodness, y’all I was exhausted afterwards. So now the miracle comes!! We had gone to Marietta in hopes to expand our teaching pool. And we had gotten some return appointments but we weren’t sure how promising they were… so anyways, it’s about 6 and we decided it was time to call the member to come get us. But right before we did, our phone rings and it’s our recent convert in the ward and her sister is at her house asking all sorts of questions about the church and about God and what not. We were so excited!! We just a referral from a recent convert and when we got back to Booneville, we taught and now she is our new investigator!! Isn’t it just amazing! (: I was so happy and excited. I think it is great.

So that’s about it! Also I’m going to forward this video of the tornado! It’s insane y’all! Just a reminder, I was in it! But the Lord loves his missionaries! We are okay. (:

I love y’all and I hope all the dear mothers who read this had a FANTASTIC Mother’s Day.

Sister Jesselyn Drummond

This is the security video from St. Luke’s during the tornado.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Tornado Warning

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Well, I don’t even know where to begin y’all!

This week was crazy hectic! Because, last week right after I emailed y’all, a big fat tornado touched down in Tupelo, where all 48 missionaries of the Tupelo Stake and President and Sister Hanks were. Y’all it was so scary! We were all in the chapel and we heard wind, that was all we heard, President opened one of the doors and I got a look outside, IT WAS GREEN! I never in my life thought I would see a green sky. That is when I knew it was serious. I was scared. I had never been in a tornado before, or even something that came close! But we were all instructed to take a seat and we decided to all sing hymns, all was well when all of a sudden the power was flicking in and out…then it went black…I was so scared! Sisters were crawling under the pews and Elders were trying to act cool and yelling stupid stuff. And then we decided to continue singing hymns! Y’all it was so powerful, as we sang the spirit in the Chapel was so strong! I felt calmer and I knew everything would be alright. When we finally got the okay that the tornado had passed we slowly opened doors and everything looked fine! Just a few broken branches from trees and leaves everywhere. Ha. It was weird, but I felt good! I had survived my very first tornado!

So we all start going through the church because we weren’t allowed outside yet. But them of course someone opened a door and we were all standing right outside, when President came down the hall yelling at everyone to get back inside because we weren’t quite sure if it was over. So anyways, we all piled back into the church and started playing games in the gym and a group of us decided to play signs! It was fun, and we were all starting to relax when the Zone Leaders called ‘Sister Gomm, Sister Drummond, Sister McDowell, Sister Hazelgren, Elder Hall, Elder Black, Elder Forbush, and Elder Wright’ to see President. I was kinda freaking out because I didn’t know what I did wrong! So we go into the room with President and he tells us that we are the first to leave because all of us were either West of North of where the storms were headed. So we were the first to leave and we were driving the other Sisters so we had to first go out farther then head home!
Y’all, I was NOT excited about that at all. I did not want to leave the stake center full of missionaries. But we made it and let me just say, it was really eerie… But the 4 sisters were the ONLY missionaries out because the Booneville Elders were told to wait a little longer and the other Elders got stuck in traffic. But once we got to New Albany we had to call President and he asked if we would stay the night there at the Sister’s apartment. It was so so much fun haha. We all played Uno multiple times. And the longest game we had going was 45 minutes. It was so long haha.

So anyways, we were all safe and very blessed! now for weekend, all missionaries and members if they could, would go down to Tupelo and help clean up. And oh my goodness it was so bad. I got to see the areas that got hit and y’all it was scary, the Lord watched over us last week. We were so so blessed. But there is debris and trash everywhere on the streets of Tupelo. We helped 2 days in a row and I got sunburned on my arms and a really bad tan line. I am so warn out! But here is a shout out for my daddy! He will be proud when I say this, but yesterday during fast and testimony meeting in church we had a few members talk about the clean up and how ‘the Sister Missionaries did the work of 2 men.’ It felt good to know that people saw our hard work haha. But boy was it hard! I am beat! I’ll send some pictures! (:
That’s about it though. I am safe and ready to help where I can!

Pray for the people here y’all, they need it.

I love y’all so much and hope you have a great week!

Also, shout out for all the mothers, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Enjoy yourselves

Sister Drummond


Alright, here y’all go! Some pictures! I’ll get some more though! Our first one is our helping hands shirts from the church! I forgot to mention, you can read about the Tupelo tornado on the church’s website and you can look it up on the national news I guess! (:


Picture 043 IMG_1627[1] IMG_1659[1] IMG_1643[1] Picture 044 Picture 045 IMG_1526[1]

A Time to Plant

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We helped Sister Larsen plant her garden! It was so fun and it made me want to start one(finally) when I get home! Hehe. So many people have gardens here! It’s crazy!

And the last picture is that one famous painting of the old man farmer and his wife! Do you see it?? (:


DSCF3812 DSCF3815 DSCF3816 DSCF3817DSCF3809(1)

To Infinity and Beyond

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A job well done sisters.

Sister Gomm and I and Sister Larsen (a member) who are standing on the platform (it moves up and down) and every time it went up, Sister Gomm and I did ‘To infinity and BEYOND!”



photo 2

photo 1
Sister Larsen, Sister Drummond, Sister Gomm