Time’s A-Flyin

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Well how ya’ll doin??

Sorry for not having my emails done yesterday. It was Veterans Day yesterday so the library was closed. But yea! Here I am safe and sound. (:

So today(Nov 12) is so cold! It’s the coldest it’s been so far this season. Today and tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest so far. CRAZY!

Well everything is going good. More findin ha.

I do have an awesome experience to say! I think it was Saturday this happened. So we were just walking around some apartment complexes, doin our regular rounds and we had seen all these people at least once. Well people here have CRAZY work schedules and just never want to be home when they say they will…URGH! Anyways we were walkin down this hill to Anastasia’s home. We had seen her about twice before. We taught her the first lesson, (Lesson about the Restoration) and she said she wanted to read the Book of Mormon. So you can imagine we are super excited about that I mean she wants to read it!! HAPPY DAY! (: So we set up a time to come back and on that day we go back…she wasn’t home… So we left a note and went back the next couple of days we finally see her again and she said she was just on her way out to go to the store. So she told us to come back the next day. We did. SHE WAS NOT HOME! After this we did not see Anastasia for about a week and half to 2 weeks… So Saturday we were walking to her home already tried to see other people and they just weren’t home. So by this time we were just not feeling it… But as we were walkin down this hill I was saying a small prayer in my head just that she would be home. Just so we could see her and talk. I didn’t want anything else. We get to her house and BAM! She’s home. She invited us and we FINALLY give her the Book of Mormon! YAY! We read from it with her and talked about it. She thought it was interesting and she liked it. She said she would continue to read the book on her own. Woot woot! The lesson was so great! The spirit was there and I know she felt it! She started crying! I wanted to cry but I didn’t ha. It was so great! (: So she told us we could come back Monday evening and we did…but she wasn’t home. Man the inconsistency with these people is just awful. BUT WE GAVE HER THE BOOK OF MORMON!! Happy days ha.
So that’s about all the cool stories I got ha.
Yesterday(Monday) we went shoppin with some of the young women in our ward. It was fantastic! They are so sweet ha. This past weekend we also had Stake Conference and it was so great! (: I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO GO TO THEIR STAKE CONFERENCES!!! 😀 LOVE it. (:
So yea that’s all really from me this week!
I love you all and hope ya’ll are doin great

Sister Drummond


1 Month!

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How ya’ll doin’??

So as of last Saturday, I have been on my mission ‘officially’ for 1 month! Crazy how time flies. But in about a week and a half I will have been in the field for 1 month. Ha we have a joke with one the elders I work with… He came out in July and is always saying ‘Yes, 20 more months!’ Then I say, ‘Only 17 more months!’ He gets kinda bummed about that because I got here after him and I’m leaving before him! Poor Elder Hadley ha. It’s great though. I like the elders in my area.

So as I said, Time flies! I can not believe it’s November! Who would have thought! I know I wouldn’t have…

So for those of you who don’t know. When I got to the field I did not have a bike yet. I finally purchased one last week and it got here Friday! So Friday night me and Sister Carlson ha took like an hour and a half putting it together! It was so much fun and kinda frustrating, but hey! That’s life of a missionary. So anyways Saturday, we decided to go biking! Oh my goodness it was so much fun! As long as there isn’t too many hills. It made me want to bike more! But sadly, Sister Carlson’s pedal is falling off. So now we are back to walking and riding in the car. Not that it’s a bad thing but we have limited miles and we kinda have a big area…

So how was everyone’s Halloween? Mine was alright. We couldn’t do much…We studied ha. A lot. It didn’t feel like Halloween either. Here they don’t do a lot of trick or treating just because it’s not very safe I guess for the kids. Which I don’t understand if the parents are with them. But the library did a little trick or treating  thing and the mall did one, and I guess even some stores! It was interesting to see.

So that’s about it really. I don’t have any cool stories this week expect just whenever we tell people we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints people just say not interested. Pretty normal though.

But I hope everyone is doing well! And remember I love hearing from everyone even if I can’t write to everyone each week!

I love you all and pray for all of you!


Sister Drummond


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How ya’ll doin??

This email isn’t going to be very long because not much happened…

We’ve been really struggling with trying to find people to teach. The zone I’m in is called the Bessemer East Zone and we call the ‘BEAST” zone because it’s so hard. Almost everyone in this zone has either none or close to no investigators.. I as a friend, family member, and missionary to pray for us. Remember us as you kneel down with your families. It will be greatly appreciated.

So I’ve actually gotten a lot of single emails from people asking what ‘tracting’ is. No worries my friends!  It’s very understandable. Tracting is just when us as missionaries go out and knock of people doors and try to come in contact with people who will hopefully be willing to hear from us again. (:

It’s starting to get colder but still not too bad. It’s right in the mid area where sometimes it’s cold sometimes it’s still hot. Just depends on the day!

This past weekend we had a ward trunk or treat combined with another ward. There was a chili competition and of course, the missionaries were the judges. There was a lot of chili! I didn’t try all of them but I think the elders did. We let them give out the prizes haha.

Most of you should know that Halloween is coming up this week so HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! and for those of you who don’t know it’s also my dad’s birthday that day! (: So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!! (: Everyone, wish him a happy birthday! I don’t know how old he’s turning, maybe 44? Something like that sure!

Oh yea! Church on Sunday was so great! It was the primary program! And whenever the primary sings it just brings tears to my eyes. It was so great! Then in Sunday School there was  joke about how it’s a hassle to get the primary program to run and if they can get a bunch of children to work together why can’t the government do it? Then my thoughts went to home with the 500 kids in my ward ha. Not really but seems like it. I thought, if only they could see that cause it was my last Sunday before I left that it was the primary program there. Great stuff! (:

So anyways that’s really all I got. We’ve just been trying to find people or more tracting. (:

Thanks to all who have written me! I’m sorry if I couldn’t write back personally but it’s great appreciated! I love hearing about how ya’ll are doing!

With much love,

Sister Drummond

Alabama Bound

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Hi ya’ll!
You have no idea how many times people say ya’ll! I love it! (:
Well to start out, my first area is Hoover, Alabama. I love it! And Alabama is very green with trees EVERYWHERE!!! It’s so great, but at the same time it’s kinda frustrating cause you get lost a lot easier. My companion is Sister Carlson who is from Provo, Utah and has been here since June. She is so great and I love her already. The ward that I’m serving in is a lot bigger than I was expecting, but that’s great! (: The members are all so kind and I’ve already eaten with three families.
So now let’s go through my my week.
Tuesday: I woke up at 2:30 AM and got ready to leave for the airport. It was cold! But I lasted. Everyone who was serving in Alabama had a change of plans and got to ride the tracks up to the airport instead of riding a bus all the way up. I kinda wished that we were on a bus, but that’s okay past and done. (: When we got to the airport I got to call my family and boy, did that sure make me cry, but it was so great to hear their voices and I sure do miss them but I know what I’m supposed to be doing. So we finally got to take off! It was fun but I was also very tired. I slept for about an hour and then wrote letters the other 2 haha. It was pretty cool to see we were flying over a GIANT stratus cloud that seemed to be over the entire south! But the first thing we saw when we went under the clouds, can you guess, I said it earlier, yes, THE TREES! We had flown into Atlanta, Georgia and again, they were everywhere! When we got off an landed in Atlanta it was kinda one of those Dorthy moments where it’s like “Well we are definitely not in Utah anymore.” The humidity really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but the people were all so kind! Crazy haha. Well we ate and then took off out of Atlanta to BIRMINGHAM!! and the pilot pronounced it ‘Burminham’ made us all laugh. (: So we were off and the flight from Atlanta to Birmingham was only 26 minutes ha. Very quick. Well we descended as soon as we were up in the air! Anyways, when we landed there was our Mission President and wife waiting for us as we came to the baggage claim. (: They were so great and kind! I love them! President Hanks, as I told him, reminded me of my bishop, Bishop Tippets and he laughed at that. It was great. So we went to this small little yellow building that was a church, for Hispanic wards, it was really cute but anyways, we ate there and got our paperwork stuff it was a long day, but guess what! All the new missionaries got to stay in a hotel that night! Pretty snazzy and I was not expecting that. (: So that’s Tuesday.
Wednesday: Woke up and got ready, got picked up from the hotel at 8:15 and drove to an actual church building about a half hour away and started our transfer meeting. We had some talks and then we got transferred around where I lost my old companion, Sister Zackrison. ): But gained my new companion, my trainer, Sister Carlson. (: We had to wait forever for me to get my interview with President Hanks cause I was the last on the list. But it was all good! Turns out though, we get a car, and it’s great, even if it is a Chevy…. but his name is Lewis and he’s pretty. (: After we got all that done we went back to our apartment where I got to look around a bit, but then we had to go to our appointment!!! This appointment was with a member who had been converted a little while back, but the bishop wanted us to check up on her. Her name is Mary Jane and she is Filipino…no idea how to spell that, but she’s from those island down below us, hopefully ya’ll know what I’m talking about! (: Anyways, she fed us and it was delicious! Had a great lesson and left. After we started to tract! Oh boy was I scared out of my mind because I was brand new and I had no idea what to say or do and just AH! But luckily my companion told me to just watch. We met a few people but we didn’t know how we felt about them and if they were really interested. Crazy. And that’s pretty much all we did Wednesday.
Thursday: My days are already jumbled together….but I think this is the day where we met with the Hoover Elders and talked about the investigators we were teaching. Well sadly neither of us have actual investigators… We’ve been tracting so much lately! But it’s okay. Well I don’t remember much about this day but this is probably the day we found Anastasia! We knocked on her door and asked if we could pray with her, she invited us in and asked if we could also add in the prayer for her to stop smoking. We did so. After we asked if there was a time we could come back and she allowed us to the next day! So great! (: I was really excited haha. After I’m sure we did more tracting…I’m terrible ha.
Friday: Friday we started out with studies as we do every morning and we got to meet with Anastasia after we had lunch. I think the lesson went very well even though she had a friend over who didn’t want to join in and was watching tv in the other room. But all in all, I still felt the spirit in our lesson about the Restoration! After we had gone and done more tracting! We were walking around and a boy yelled out his window at us “SATAN” it made me laugh really hard and made my day! I just think it was funny cause it was the first like real dislike towards us that I’ve seen. Later we had correlation with the ward missionaries. It was interesting because I had no idea what was going on at first and then we didn’t really have any investigators to talk about… Well afterwards I bet ya’ll can guess what we did. Yes! Tracting…

Saturday: During our morning studies we got a call from a recent convert who asked us for help from us with moving boxes. We agreed. This cute girl’s name is Anna Melissa. She is actually getting married this December IN THE TEMPLE!! She was so excited and wanted to just talk talk talk about it. (: But we also got to talk about why people here in the south don’t think Mormons and christian. It was a really interesting story and of course, something that didn’t make sense. But that’s okay. I’m running out of time but after we tried to see more people and then we did more tracting yada yada yada…
Sunday: Sunday was my favorite day! We of course went to church, I met members and they are all so great! After church we were invited to lunch and later invited to dinner. It was great, we didn’t do much until after dinner ha. But the food was fantastic! So after we had dinner, we tried to see this girl that Sister Carlson had started with but she just never seemed to be home when we went or never answered our calls. Well of course when we went, she wasn’t there. So went back to our car and decided to pray. We weren’t getting anything!! But then we realized, her car had driven up…so we went up and talked to, Unique. Yes, that’s her name. (: She was cute and her story was quite interesting. I had even said some things that I wasn’t expecting to say! Woot! It made me really happy. So this was around 7:30ish and then by the time we were done it was 8:30. so we decided to just go back home.
So that is my week in a rushed detailed thing… (:
I love you all and I pray for you!

Sister Drummond

She Arrived Safe and Sound

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Sister Drummond has reached Alabama safe and sound. She’s happy, healthy, and ready to begin. Here is her first letter.


It is so amazingly great here! Everything is so green, and the TREES!!! Holy dang! It’s still pretty warm but it’s starting to get chilly now, mostly in the mornings and at night. During the day it gets hot and in the shade its cool. Not bad though.

Everyone says I got here at just the right time. Where it’s not to hot anymore and the season is just beginning. Everyone also says it doesn’t get too cold until middle December and then January and February. 2 and 1/2 months. Not too bad.

My new companion’s name is Sister Carlson. She is so cute! She’s from Provo, Utah and she’s been out since June. She’s been in Hoover the entire time. She says she wants to stay in Hoover till after the holidays because she knows everyone. I don’t remember where Sister Zackrison went. But we are going to stay in contact! which is great!

I’ve only gotten homesick twice and both times I have prayed for comfort and reassurance and both times, I have gotten it. I love this gospel and how much it helps me in my life.

Right after we had our transfer meeting we got right into business! We had an appointment with a recent convert and at first I was a little intimidated because well I was brand new! Crazy, but it wasn’t bad. I was really scared for later that day when we went out tracting because I didn’t know how  or where to begin. But it’s okay now, I’m starting to get a feel for it. (:

Well that’s about it. I’ll be giving more details in my weekly email. And I have PICTURES!!! 😀

Well I love you!


Sister Drummond

Sister Drummond & Sister Carlson
Sister Drummond & Sister Carlson
President Hanks, Sister Drummond, Sister Hanks
President Hanks, Sister Drummond, Sister Hanks

Week Two!

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Crazy! My second week of being a missionary and I’m already about to leave the MTC! I’m so thankful for my opportunity to be here and serve the Lord!

So let me try to remember all the many things that happened this week! (:
Something very tragic happened Wednesday night. A Sister in my district who I love oh so much! Had gotten a call and found out she had a family member pass away. She had 2 of the Elders give her a blessing and when they came back we didn’t know what was going on. But they shut the door and said we needed to have a prayer for Sister Greeley. They explained why and without hesitation we all knelt down in a circle in our classroom and said a prayer for her and her family. Our teacher had walked in on us and was in shock. She explained after that she had never walked in on something like that and was very moved. She thanked us for being the missionaries we were.
Wednesday was also the day we received NEW MISSIONARIES!! (: It was so great seeing all the new missionaries with the orange dots on their name tags. Sadly I know exactly how they all felt. (: But that night as my companion, Sister Zackrison and I were called as the Sister Training Leaders, we got to give the new district in our Branch orientation! We go to know them and explained rules and encouraged them to follow all of them and we asked if they had any questions. We then go to give them a tour of the MTC campus! It was so much fun and even though the Sisters were probably all older or the same age as me, they just seem so young and new! They even admitted that it seemed like we were much older and wiser and we seemed like we had been here for weeks! We told them it will feel like that haha. I can only imagine how the Elders were feeling with the Zone leaders… 😛
Thursday was a regular sit in class all day type of day. (: I don’t remember much about it but hey it was an average day. Because we literally sit in class ALL DAY!
Friday I don’t remember much either… Your days seem to blend together. I do know that we pulled a prank on some sisters in our zone. It was so funny! We told them there was a weird breeze in our room and they had to walk right next to the bed to feel it. (Most of you probably already know what is going to happen) One sister, Sister Neufville is so cute and she did it. My companion, Sister Zackrison was hiding under the bed and reached our and grabbed Sister Neufville’s leg. It was so great! Sister Neufville screamed and ran to the corner of the room. She said we got her good. We then tried to do it another sister, Sister Downs but she anticipated the prank and said “No way, I’m not that stupid” And bent down to look under the bed. It was still funny how she freaked out and knew what was gunna happen. (:
Saturday again average day….
Sunday! Woot good stuff. In the morning right away we had branch meeting for all the leadership missionaries. Then thank goodness we go to eat breakfast. Our first and last regular Sunday in the MTC. The sisters went to a recording of Music of the Spoken Word and right after we had Relief Society. After Relief Society we had to go back to our classroom for our district meeting. We were told what to pack and how to pack and what to expect at airports and safety things. Just kinda a normal flight procedure thing. After we had lunch and then went to Sacrament meeting. It was very interesting and a lot different then what I’m used too. We had to use gluten free bread because there is a sister in our branch who is allergic, surprisingly it was weird in a good way. Which I find odd cause I don’t like bread to begin with ha. But then we had to figure out the speakers! Hehe I almost wanted to speak, it was weird. But my beautiful Companion got chosen to speak along with another Elder. Then the 2nd Councilor in the branch got up and spoke. It was very good. After Sacrament meeting we had Dinner and took our temple walk. (: We had to take more pictures because there was an Elder who somehow got all his pictures deleted off his camera. Anyways…it was FREEZING! It wanted to rain but wasn’t getting there yet. The wind had picked up and man it was a piercing cold wind. But anyways it was a good and fun day! (:
Monday, today! We are acting like it’s a P day because we leave tomorrow. ): But so far it has been good! Ha. Doing laundry and then we get to go start packing! Sad. But yea!
If you would  like to send me letters or packages please send them to the mission home in Alabama don’t send them to the MTC any more. After I receive where my fist area is I will tell my mom the address and she will post it on my Facebook page. (: Hope to hear from you all soon!
Lots of love!
Sister Drummond

One Week! MTC Arrival!

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So I have arrived at the MTC and I am so excited! To be honest I was scared but soon realized, I didn’t have to be. Everyone is so friendly and tries to help. The spirit here is so powerful I get filled no matter which building I walk into!

My companion is Sister Zackrison and I love her so much! For those of you who do not know, I met her on Facebook before I came, so it’s quite a blessing we are companions and one of the things that calmed me down when I fist arrived.
My district has 4 Elders and 4 Sisters. Sister Zackrison and I are the only 2 going to the Alabama Birmingham mission, the other 6 are going to the Florida Jacksonville mission. My zone on the other had has 1 other district the same as mine and they are ALL Alabama Birmingham missions. (: There is one Elder who is from Jamaica and he kills me! He is so cute because when it got cold for a couple days he was in a big heavy coat with gloves and a hat on. It was adorable because in Jamaica it’s always warm!
So when we first met our Branch president he was telling us that we would get assignments in the zone and district. Well, Sister Zackrison and I have been called to serve as the Sister Training Leaders in our zone! Or we like to say it as the Sister Zone Leaders! This Wednesday(tomorrow) we get to do orientation for all the new missionaries who are going to be coming into the MTC! Exciting!
General Conference in the MTC is amazing. I have never felt the spirit more strongly! I loved the every single talk! I even admitted that this is the first conference that I had paid attention to all the sessions! I can’t say which talk was my favorite because there were so many good ones! But the Sunday devotional after conference was so good! Vocal Point from BYU came and I love Vocal Point! They are an a capella group and it’s so amazing! The spirit was radiating from them.
Today I went to the temple because it’s P day today and I loved it! The Provo temple is beautiful! But I wanted to share a quick experience with you. When I was sitting in the Celestial room I was just praying for answers for investigators and what not but then I wanted to thank our Father for allowing my family who have passed on (Uncle Travis, Great Grandpa Cutler, Grandma Drummond, and even Grandma Judd) for being there and participating in my setting apart. Anyways after that happened I had so much warmth come over me I was practically sweating! I knew they were in that room with me and that they loved me and were proud of me for serving a mission for our Lord.
I love this Gospel and I know it is true without a doubt in my mind or heart. I love the Lord with all my heart and I know he hears our prayers and will answer them if you have real intent on your questions. He loves all of us and is always with us. We are never alone and remember we can always turn to him in times of need.
I love you all and you all are in my prayers!
Sister Drummond!
P.S. tell people if they want my weekly emails to email me maybe just a short email or something or please send me their emails so I can add them to the group! Thanks so much!
P.P.S Kari! Or anyone else that would like it. My MTC address is:
Oct. 15 AL-Birm.
2007 N. 900 E. Unit 84
Provo, UT 84602