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Christmas Eve Week

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The week before Christmas is always kinda rough. People are stressed and they don’t really want to talk to you. But that is okay!

Holidays are always hard, I’ve learned to not really like them as a missionary, but as a person, I still love them!!! (:
This week has been good. I was able to go on exchanges with Hermana Charlesworth! She is so cute! She is a new missionary and she is SO excited about this work, she was able to help me see where my focus is ha… (: I LOVE new missionaries!
We were also able to have our missionary Christmas party!! It was so fun. We drove to Huntsville, AL for ours. And guess what!!!!!!! WE GOT TO WATCH FROZEN!!!! So now I am up with the times…(almost) I LOVED it ha. Olaf is my favorite. (: Sister Allred and I can quote that movie pretty well. IT’S SO FUNNY! (:
Anyways, that’s about it. Things are going well. I’m SO excited for Christmas! I can’t wait to see my families BEAUTIFUL faces. (:
I love y’all, Merry Christmas!!! (:
Remember….HE is the GIFT!!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond
Sister Charlesworth and I! Isn't she so cute?
Sister Charlesworth and me! Isn’t she so cute?
Sister Allred and me at the Missionary Christmas Party!
Sister Allred and I at the Missionary Christmas Party!
Sisters!! (: We are so cute right?
Sisters!! (: We are so cute right?