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Not enough time….BUT!!

Yesterday, we went to a wedding!?¬† That was so much fun! (: An investigator of ours got married to a member! YAY! So hopefully soon she will join our church! It was so great to see them both together! So special! Sister Brunner and I were the food servers! She asked if we could be and of course we said yes! (: So we got some cute yellow dresses that were really cheap! And it was just fun. (: I’m glad we could help out!

On Saturday, we helped with a baptism and we were asked to do the musical number and let me tell y’all I had a solo…yes little ol’ Sister Drummond had a solo and she totally nailed it!!! (: We have a recording of the song we sang so maybe I can send it! But ignore how it ends….hehe.

What else to say is that, this week went by too fast! Really…it did. I don’t know what happened and where it went, I just know that it is behind me now…

One more thing… transfer calls are this Saturday! Yikes! Any guesses on whether I am stayin or leavin?? I’ll let y’all know next week! (: Have a good one!

Love y’all!

Sister Jesselyn Drummond  (:


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