Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday at the Larsen’s.

The picture of the group is when we were burning fire ant hills! It was fun! It made an explosion at one point. Sister Larsen poured gasoline on it! It’s so much fun! And another thing, only in the south. 😉
The next too pictures are Sister Gomm and I breaking eggs on each other heads, the funny part is the last picture(the first time we did it) We hit it really hard and neither one of the eggs broke. It was so so funny. Everyone was laughing at us.


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Raisin’ Ducks

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Wasn’t Easter just fantastic!? To feel the Savior’s Atoning sacrifice every week when we partake of the sacrament is just amazing! Knowing that he suffered and died for me is so HUGE! I hope none of us forgot what he did for us during this Easter Season.

So now on to the good stuff!

Y’all this week has been crazy nuts. I feel like Sister Gomm and I have been working none stop! We have been coming home just totally exhausted! And sadly, we have not been seeing anything come from it…yet! I know from our diligence, we will see success, we just have to exercise patience and faith!

So anyways! Yesterday was so great! I just love Easter! But I have to tell a funny story. So people here in Booneville kinda sorta have a stronger accent then the people in Hoover and that is okay but it’s harder to understand people. I do really well! My companion struggles a little more then me! But I need to eat my words now! So yesterday at Easter lunch, we were with a family and Sister Gomm was really confused about what one of the members said. She thought she heard that he named his car Mary and Russ. But he was just talking about how he took his car to work on an empty gas tank… so a little after that a different member started talking about ducks. How he dislikes ducks and just cant stand them. Now let me explain that people here NEVER put an ending on their words. Like ending… they say endin. So anyways, he said something about raising ducks I guess and I after he said his sentence said, ‘What’s a Raisin Duck?’ Everyone started laughing and I was so confused! My companion explained. It was awful! I was kinda out of the conversation anyways! But yea, that is my funny story for the week!

Easter was so great and I ate lots of yummy food! Y’all I’m learning how to cook Southern and my goodness it is so good! I’ll have to make some for y’all when I get home.
Best food ever!!

Well that’s all I got for this week!
I hope y’all have a great week and enjoy spring cleanin??

Sister Drummond


Raisin' Ducks
Raisin’ Ducks