Stayin Put

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So I stayed again in Hoover, just means my time is not up here. And I’m kinda okay with that. (:
I love it here haha! And my new companion is: *drum roll* Sister Dormer!! I love her and people get our names confused a lot. (: It’s funny. Also she is amazing and we are going to rock it out here!
So just the main things that happened this last week!
First, committed Rebecca to a baptismal date and she did!!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED Y’ALL! My first baptism will be on January 25th. Oh my goodness. She came to church with us yesterday and wow oh wow it could NOT have been better. (: I’m just excited and proud and AAAAHHH!! Yup ha. (:
Also, there was a day where we went tracting most of the day and we handed out 4 Books of Mormon!! that’s a crazy ton for 1 day I think! Well I know! And then the very next day we gave out 1 more! Our zone has handed out a grand total of 59 Books of Mormon this week. We are totally winning. 😉 (not like it’s a competition…)
And also weather here is just….wow. It was FREEZING! for like 2 days got down to the teens! Yikes! and the very next day, was like 50 something. It was awesome and weird haha.
But anywho, that’s about all I got time for. I love y’all so much and I don’t have time for the scripture question…I’m sorry! JUST KEEP READING YOUR SCRIPTURES THIS WEEK! I will have a question for y’all next week. (:
Sister Drummond

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