Happy 4th!

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Well I forgot to wish y’all a Happy 4th of July last week I think…So here it is this week just a little late! (:

There. (:
So anyways, we had a good week! It was very full of stuff that I really don’t remember what we did. I remember that on the 4th we had zone training, which was a very good meeting! The spirit was there and I learned a ton from other missionaries! Also, the Booneville missionaries (that is me, my companion, and the elders) did a musical number! It was fun haha. But after we got back into Booneville we went to a members home and we ate hot dogs and grilled corn and let me tell y’all, the south has THE BEST baked beans in the world haha. It was really good!
After that, we went to ANOTHER members home and ate even more! But this time, we ate dough burgers, and for those of y’all who don’t know what a dough burger is, which should be most of y’all…a dough burger is hamburger meat and well dough mixed together and cooked. The dough in the meat makes the meat last longer so you can have more burgers! It is really good. (: And again really good baked beans and for desert, HOMEMADE peanut butter Oreo ice cream and HOMEMADE peach cobbler. Oh my my my, it is so good. I’m just sayin, I haven’t gained 15 pounds because I’m lazy! It is all this delicious food that I can’t stop eatin hahaha!
So anyways, we had a good week and Booneville is really startin to pick up! We have great investigators! One of our amazing investigators we are helpin to quit smoking. She is so on board and ready to quit! (: I’m so excited. Other investigators we have are strugglin with some real intent. But that is okay! We will teach them what ‘real intent’ is. (:
I hope y’all are having a great summer! I know where I am at…it is so HUMID and so HOT!! Yum sticky goodness haha
Have a great week y’all!
Sister Jesselyn Drummond

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